Thursday, September 08, 2011

Update: Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Guru Pack Vol 1.1

NEW! Text Effects Guru Pack, Volume 1 Update
60 Templates for Easy, Explosive Logo & Text Animation

This exciting update to Cassidy Bisher's Text Effects Guru Pack Volume 1 offers 60 vibrant and easy ways to showcase your logos and text. Drop your text or logo into fiery, organic animations; shatter words with metallic light explosions; or become the ghost in the machine with old-school video game stylization. Sound FX are included and already synced in most of the templates to quickly bring your project to an explosive finish.

Fiery features of Text Effects Guru Pack include:
  • 60 Templates in 12 vibrantly colored styles create easy-to-use animation.
  • Place your logo inside a placeholder and let After Effects do the rest.
  • You can alternately put text, photos or videos in the placeholder.
  • Sound FX are included for a fast start with all of your media.
  • Great for Video Intros or Movie Trailer style presentations.

Get started faster. Watch six training videos that explain how to easily customize the templates. Cassidy Bissher talks about Trapcode settings, After Effects tips and editing the text effects.

Free update for Volume 1 owners. To download the FREE update to Text Effects Volume 1, go to this Product Download page. NOTE: This installation will require your original Volume 1 serial number. Need help? Contact our Support team.

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