Monday, August 01, 2011

7 Stones: Rabbit Replacement

Here's a quick rabbit replacement for the film 7 Stones (dir. Tom Norton). The original shot had a really fake looking stuffed rabbit. Some scenes used a live rabbit. The fake rabbit looked really fake, so I was asked if I could move the ears on the fake one.

Instead, I took a still image of the real rabbit, cut it out in Photoshop and brought it into After Effects. I tracked the fake rabbit with Imagineer mocha and brought the tracking data into AE and applied it to a Null object. I parented the cut out rabbit to the Null and then color corrected the photo of the rabbit to match the video footage (which it wasn't even close). I used Red Giant Key Correct Color Match and also Key Correct's Edge Blur to blend the edges into the background. The levels were wrong (too black) so I used Brightness/Contrast to make it less contrasty. I also added Match Grain and sampled the grain in the original shot. Tom, the director mentioned that the final color correction will have a blueish tint, so I used Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks to give it that nighttime look.

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