Thursday, July 07, 2011

Update: Texture Kit Update Version 1.1 Beeple Materials

YES! Greyscalegorrila is proud to announce Texture Kit 1.1. (Multiuser pack also available). This is a free update that includes 70 unique textures from Maxon Cinema 4D artist, Beeple. His textures feature distressed, messy and fun materials to use in your projects. Current Texture Kit owners will get an email with the update download. Of course, all Texture Kit purchases will also include the new textures.

Expect more updates from the Texture Kit soon. Nick at Grayscalegorilla says "I have many more artists lined up ready to add their best textures to the Kit in future versions. The Kit has over 200 textures already and many more to come. Thanks again for checking it out."

Samples of Beeple Materials


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