Friday, July 29, 2011

Special offer: Get special savings when buying ShuttlePRO and Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 through August 31, 2011!

For a limited time, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer customers can receive savings of 50% on the full versions of Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium for either Mac or Windows. In addition, we have teamed up with Contour Design to offer an additional incentive when you bundle Contour’s ShuttlePRO v2 with CS5.5! Buy the special bundle today!

The ShuttlePRO v2 is perfect for anyone making the jump from one video editing software application to another. The ability to program the ShuttlePRO v2’s buttons to reflect the same functions in multiple applications smoothes the transition process.

Contour Design’s ShuttlePRO v2 is a multi-functional multimedia controller for audio and video editing and many other applications. Designed for ergonomic integrity and maximum productivity, the ShuttlePRO v2 allows one-handed access to 15 fully-programmable buttons, a jog knob, and a spring loaded shuttle wheel. At the head of the ShuttlePRO v2 are nine programmable buttons complete with crystal clear removable keycaps for labeling and ease of reference. The inner ring or 'jog knob' at the center of the ShuttlePRO v2 rotates a full 360° to provide precise frame-by-frame control while the outer black ring or rubberized 'shuttle wheel' facilitates fast forward and rewind. The jog and shuttle can also be configured for many other purposes including scrolling, volume control, and sequencing. Preconfigured settings are available for After Effects, Audition, Encore, Flash Professional, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.

Multi-button Jog & Shuttle Multimedia Control Surface....

Sleek innovative design, pre-configured for many of today's popular applications, advanced programmability, and ease of use... in short, the perfect marriage of form and function.

The ShuttlePRO V.2 is a powerful productivity enhancement tool for video and audio editors. The ShuttlePRO V.2 even comes pre-configured for many of the leading Audio and Video applications. You can also easily customize the ShuttlePRO V.2 for virtually any application.

The ShuttlePRO V.2 is designed for ergonomic integrity and maximizing productivity, allowing one-hand access to the fully programmable buttons and jog/shuttle knob. Nine (9) of the buttons have removable keycaps for easy labeling and referencing. The inner ring or 'jog' rotates through 360 degrees and provides precision frame by frame control. The outer black ring or 'shuttle' is rubberized and spring-loaded. It facilitates fast forward and rewind. You can also use the jog and shuttle for many other purposes such as scrolling, volume control, and sequencing.

Offer ends August 31, 2011

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