Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tutorial: What’s New and Changed in After Effects CS5.5 // Free Videobrain training by Todd Kopriva

Posted at ProVideo Coalition:

adobe What’s New and Changed in After Effects CS5.5 is a free new Video2brain workshop, with Adobe Technical Support Lead Todd Kopriva, who is the guide on the changes in After Effects CS5.5.

Todd shows “how to use the new Warp Stabilizer and Camera Lens Blur effects, camera layer settings for depth-of-field blur, camera commands, stereoscopic 3D features, and light falloff properties. You’ll also see how to use source timecode, how time controls have been modified to be easier and more informative, and how both importing and exporting have been enhanced, including improved Adobe Media Encoder and RED digital cinema support. In addition to all of these major changes, you’ll be introduced to variety of user interface improvements and helpful tweaks that will make your work in After Effects easier and more productive.”

View the Training (1hr. 25 min.) at ProVideo Coalition

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