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Final Cut Pro X - Plug-in/ 3rd Party Company Updates

Updated Wednesday, August 17, 2011
The following is a list of updates by Plug-in vendors in regards to current or future support of Final Cut Pro X. We will keep this page updated and post new info as we receive it.


Automatic Duck

Automatic Duck Pro Export FCP includes an export app that works with the new Final Cut Pro X to export AAF or OMF to send audio to Pro Tools!

FCP X to Pro Tools
In this movie we show how you can export audio from Final Cut Pro X to Pro Tools via AAF or OMF.

Pro Export FCP 5.0 only works with Final Cut Pro X, so the v4.0 plug-in for Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier is still available. When you purchase you get both Pro Export FCP 4.0 for FCP7 and Pro Export FCP 5.0 for FCPX.

Pro Export FCP 5.0 for FCPX ships along with Pro Export FCP 4.0 for FCP 7 for $495. Users of Pro Export FCP 4.0 and earlier can upgrade to Pro Export FCP 5.0 for FCPX for $195.

Boris FX

Update from BorisFX:

"Hundreds of thousands of Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express customers rely on Boris FX text, visual effects, compositing, and workflow tools on a daily basis. As we announced at NAB 2011, we fully intend to support the newly-released Apple Final Cut Pro X to the maximum extent possible.

BorisFX will be updating their FCP X status on their blog:


CHV announces support for FCP X and Motion 5

CHV is proud to be the first FxPlug plugin developer to release any new native plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 after Apple made the FxPlug 2.0 Software Developer Kit for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 available for all developers. Version 2.0.0 is based on the new FxPlug SDK V2.0 and takes full advantage of Snow Leopards's new 64-bit architecture.
The update is free for existing customers.


Update from CoreMelt:

06-22-11: Apple today (22 June) released their latest version of Final Cut Pro; Final Cut Pro X.

There's a lot of great new features, and we are investigating the best way of adding support for our current and future products.

Unfortunately, Apple choose not to give us any information about plugin support in FCP X prior to it's release today (22/6/11). We would like to support FCP X as quickly as possible, but until we have examined the work involved in detail we are unable to commit to any timescale for FCP X support.

We apologize for this situation which was beyond our control and not at all ideal to both us and to you, our valued customers.

However, let's be blunt, if you are a professional editor that works with R3D or other RAW formats, tape based ingest, has a hardware I/O board (BlackMagic, Kona or Matrox) or needs XML to work with RedCine X or to import from other editors, then FCP X is not yet for you. I suggest you read this article on Creative Cow which lays out the many areas of FCP X that still need developing.

FCP X: Ready or not here it comes

I can make the following commitment on behalf of CoreMelt, by the time FCP X is ready for the professional editor, we will support it to the best of our ability.,

In the meantime, it is possible (but not recommended) to run both FCP 7 and FCP X on the same hard drive. This way you can still access all your CoreMelt plugins from within FCP 7. Please see this Apple knowledge base article for details.


CrumplePop Lumineux, Dacar and CrumplePop Noir Moderne work with FCP X now. We are working on updates for the rest of our products, and these updates will be released in late summer 2011. The updates will be free to current users of CrumplePop effects. The FCP X versions of our products will be significantly more fun to use than the FCP 6/7 versions.


Digieffects Will Be Ready for FCPX
Digieffects is Developing Delirium v2 and Damage v2 Plug-in Suites for the New Final Cut Pro X

Wilmington, NC - June 22, 2011
With the release of FCPX, it's clear the professional community has many unanswered questions, particularly in regards to plug-in support. Today, Digieffects products support FxPlug v1.0, and indications are that Apple will soon announce third party plug-in support via FxPlug v2.0. When they do, Digieffects will be ready as well. We're in active development upgrading our FxPlug support and fully expect to be shipping in sync with Apple.


Listed on Apple's Site, no Official Statement at this time.


ISP has updated "ROBUSKEY for Video" for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.

Noise Industries / FxFactory

The New Version (2.6) FxFactory makes the most essential visual effects available in Final Cut Pro X and introduces support for Motion 5.

At this point there is no native FxPlug support in FCP X. Noise Industries' current FCP X effects are implemented as Motion Filters, Transitions and Generators.

More than 140 effects, generators and transitions from FxFactory Pro are now available inside Final Cut Pro X. The upgrade is free for current FxFactory Pro customers.

All our plug-ins continue to be available in previous versions of Final Cut Pro and other hosts, including the new Motion 5.

Learn More/Purchase FxFactory Pro in our Store | Download Trial / Update

What’s New/ Support in Final Cut Pro X

FxFactory Pro is our first product to become available in Final Cut Pro X.

Noise Industries FxFactory (Free Download) embraces the modern architecture of Final Cut Pro X to allow seamless background renders, firing up multiple processor cores and graphics cards to deliver your results. Our effects are a natural fit for the new high-precision, color managed pipeline offered by Final Cut Pro X.

Noise Industries FxFactory Pro effects, generators and transitions for Final Cut Pro X are not based on the FxPlug architecture. Only a limited set of plug-ins and features are currently available in Final Cut Pro X.

What’s New / Support in Motion 5

FxFactory 2.6 lets you enjoy all our products in Motion 5, giving you access to the full range of plug-ins and advanced features.

Motion 5 sets a new standard for accelerated, film-quality visual effects. For the best experience using our plug-ins in Motion 5, we recommend a graphics card with at least 512MB of video memory.

FxFactory FxPacks that are updated:
  • PHYX plug-ins
  • Dashwood Stereo3D Toolbox LE v3.0
  • FxFactory SUGARfx Light Pack 2.0

Red Giant

Red Giant Magic Bullet Mojo for FCP X is out! Free upgrade for Mojo owners

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