Thursday, June 23, 2011

Announcement: Video Copilot Element, new plug-in

We're big fans of Video Copilot and were very excited to see that Andrew Kramer posted about an upcoming plug-in, Element. It looks amazing!
Hey what’s up! It may be Wednesday but I’m excited to share some details about a new Video Copilot plug-in called Element. Formally Code-named Atom, like a secret agent, the new plug-in Element is a 3D geometry-based particle style plug-in for After Effects with many powerful features. I’m working on a demonstration soon that should answer a lot of questions and explain how the plug-in works in detail. Be sure to check out the mini-poster for a list of features that will be available.

All three images were created with Element inside of After Effects.

We'll have it in our store as soon as it's available.

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