Friday, May 27, 2011

Update: Topaz Labs Lens Effects v1.1 Now Available

topaz labs lens

Update: Topaz Labs Lens Effects for Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom v1.1 Now Available:
  • New filters for diffusion, polarization, UV/Haze and streaks
  • Improved depth-of-field simulation for better image quality
  • A dual focus lens option
  • 30 new and customizable aperture shapes
  • 13 new and customizable vignette masks
  • AND you can upload your own aperture shapes and vignette masks.
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With the addition of effects and presets, Lens Effects now simulates over 170 lens, filter and specialty-camera effects that you can instantly apply to your images in just a single click. Now you can use Lens Effects as your digital camera bag to virtually apply in-camera enhancements after the shot.

Current Lens Effects owners can update here.

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