Wednesday, May 04, 2011

News/Update: Imagineer Systems mocha for AE CS5.5 Notes

mochaFrom Ross Shane/Imagineer Systems: "After Effects CS5.5 now contains an updated version of mocha for After Effects (mocha AE CS5.5).

This new mocha version has the same planar tracking and roto functionality as the CS5 version. including mocha shape plug-in and the ability to paste to the AE mask channel. The notable difference is new interface and icons to match mocha v2.5 and mocha Pro. If you are still running mocha AE v1, you will also notice speed improvements."

Imagineer upgrade paths are available to all After Effects CS4, CS5 & CS5.5 owners:

mocha AE v2.5 - Upgrade Cost
: REG: $149 SALE: $99. Adds Apple Final Cut & Motion support to mocha that ships with After Effects

mocha v2.5 - Upgrade Cost: $499. Adds matte render w/mo-blur, stabilize module and support for systems like Nuke, Flame, Smoke, etc.

mocha Pro v2.5 - Upgrade Cost: - $895. Adds advanced tools for object removal, insert, lens, stabilize w/auto-fill and more.

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