Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New: Singular Software Presto for Final Cut Pro

singular software presto
Presto for Final Cut Pro is a stand-alone application that works closely with Final Cut Pro.

With Singular Software Presto, you can create quality presentation videos in minutes instead of hours. Using sophisticated computer vision technology, it automates the tedious parts of the editing process, enabling quick turn around of quality presentations for web or DVD.

Presto automatically creates an attention grabbing presentation that combines the original crisp, bright slide images with a closely tracked inset of your presenter, saving you hours.

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singular software presto

Left: Without Presto: presenter far away; fuzzy, washed out screen; Right: Presto video: presenter close-up; crisp bright slide images

What you provide is:
  • the video of the presenter
  • the video of the projection screen (which can be recorded with a low cost camcorder)
  • the presenter's slide images (from Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote)
Presto's step-by-step wizard then leads you quickly through the process of creating a complete presentation video.

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