Thursday, May 19, 2011

New: Luxology Splash Pack for modo


New: Luxology Splash Pack for modo

If you want to add splashes, drops and puddles to your next project, the new Splash Kit is designed for you. Compared to the traditional stock imagery approach, the modo 401 Splash Kit gives you virtually total control over how your splashes look. Forget searching for the “right” stock image. You now have control over liquid shapes, color, lighting and camera position to create one of a kind (and royalty-free) imagery.

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luxology pack animation

When you are ready to render out your final images, the extensive use of procedural textures means you can render them at print resolution – avoiding potential issues that stem from the finite resolution of texture maps.

Includes: 145 meshes, 5 materials, 15 environments, 4 assemblies, 14 final scenes, 9 print resolution images, and 17 demonstration videos.

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