Monday, May 09, 2011

New: Luxology recoil for modo 501

luxology recoilLuxology recoil: Rigid-body Dynamics Plug-in for modo 501

Simulating rigid body interactions in modo is easily handled with recoil™, a fully integrated dynamics simulation plug-in for modo 501 developed by Eric Soulvie. Utilizing the popular open-source Bullet Physics engine, recoil simplifies the setup and execution of complex physical simulations by combining robust collision detection with a variety of constraints, forces, and controls. By simply tagging any mesh item to be dynamic, it is ready to respond to forces like gravity or collisions from other objects in your modo scene. The recoil plug-in lets you quickly create incredibly complex animations of interacting objects that would be almost impossible to simulate manually. It is also useful for “stacking” up objects so that they rest against each other.

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luxology recoil animation

How does recoil work?

The recoil plug-in is based on version 2.77 of the Bullet library. To use it, simply tag which items in your modo scene are going to be dynamic – this makes them ready to respond to natural forces when you press Play on the timeline. For more control, items in modo can be given “wake-up” conditions and an initial “impulse” behavior. A common wake-up event would be a collision, perhaps with an impulse behavior to jump up slightly and then respond to the force of gravity. Or you might choose to have some objects become dynamic only when they are triggered (e.g., reach a certain keyframe). You can create rigs in modo to establish more elaborate trigger conditions that invoke dynamic forces such as when two objects reach a certain distance from one another.

Dynamic behaviors can be combined with keyframe animation. For example, a swinging bat (keyframed manually) can start a simulation when it collides with a tower of wooden pins that then scatter and fall to the ground automatically.

recoil works with either “proxy” objects that approximate the shape of the item you are simulating, or with the actual mesh shape. For SubD’s, recoil can use either the cage geometry or the SubD surface for the collision shape. You can adjust parameters such as mass and density.

Requires modo 501 SP2 or later

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