Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New: Digimetrics Eos Broadcast Video and Audio Plugins for Final Cut Pro

Digimetrics Eos is Broadcast Standards Monitoring & Correction. Add Trust To Your Editing. Digimetrics Eos is a series of plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, providing measurement and AutoFix correction for video and audio levels, in addition to safe title/action overlays for most internationally recognized broadcast formats.

Trust means that the files out of editing meet Broadcast Standards for:
  • Safe Title/Action Area
  • Color Gamut Levels
  • Audio Loudness Levels
Digimetrics Eos Broadcast Video Plugin for Final Cut Pro

Eos Broadcast Video Plugin for Final Cut Pro: In regards to Color Gamut, Eos offers the ability to set limits for measurement and correction (and, by default, correct gamut using AutoFix) relative to EBU R103 in several methods: Percentage of legal limits, Millivolts (mV), IRE (absolute value adjusted to 0-255)

Safe Title/Action Area overlays are provided in the preview window for:
NTSC 4:3 and 16:9 (525 line raster), PAL 4:3 and 16:9 (625 line raster) where applicable, overlays for 14:9 also provided, 720p, 1080p, and 2k/Digital Cinema

Using the following standards for measurement: SMPTE ST-2046-1, SMPTE RP-218, ARIB TR-B4, ITU-R BT.1700, ITU-R BT.1379-2, EBU R92and EBU R95

Digimetrics Eos Broadcast Audio Plugin for Final Cut Pro

Digimetrics Eos Broadcast Audio Plugin for Final Cut Pro offers the ability to measure Audio Loudness relative to multiple standards, including: ATSC A/85, UK BCAP 6.9, EBU R128, and User-defined variation of ITU BS.1770 fast or integrated mode.

AutoFix: Loudness is offered in both directions, scaling the waveform up to the threshold when the audio is too soft and scaling the waveform below the threshold when the audio is too loud.

Professional Tools at Pro-sumer Prices
The testing components of Eos are the same as used in Digimetrics' leading file-based QC suite, Aurora. So the same measurements used for testing your ingest, transcoding and playout storage can now be used directly in your editing process.

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