Monday, May 09, 2011

Interview: Imagineer Customer Profile: Level 256, Scott Davids

Interview/Case Study: Imagineer Customer Profile: Level 256, Scott Davids

"They say good comedy is all about timing. That’s all well and good for live comedy, but what happens when you’re shooting a Hollywood blockbuster comedy? Take after take resulting in hundreds of shots and scenes in no particular order. Just footage. What’s missing? Timing.

And the reality in the industry today is that good comedy films are created in post production, with extremely sophisticated VFX playing a bigger role than ever in helping create that critical timing that drives the site gag, the perfect entrance on the scene, the line delivery, and the actors’ reactions. And the most amazing part is, the audience never knows!


Scott Davids runs Level 256 (, a rapidly growing Los Angeles based VFX shop that has earned a reputation for taking on any VFX challenge, no matter how big, no matter how vexing, and turn it around quickly and with amazing results. Imagineer Systems recently spoke with Scott to talk about not only the incredible growth at Level 256, but also about the caliber of work that’s been keeping them so busy the past year."

Check out the full case study and videos at Imagineer Systems

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