Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sale: Save on NewBlueFX 3D Explosions and Transitions

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With NewBlue 3D Explosions and 3D Transformations, you'll enjoy a whole new world of transitions.

Add a large dose of explosion energy in between scenes with Blow Apart and Wiggle, or get to the point with plugins like Flip and Fly Away. With copious amounts of energy and creativity add your fingertips you can add life between scenes with NewBlueFX Video Transition Plugins.

Save on NewBlueFX 3D Explosions and Transitions: Get NewBlue Plug-ins for as little as $4 each* with this offer!

OFFER #1: 3D Explosions
Get 12 NewBlue Plugins for $89.95 ($7.50 each*)

OFFER #2: 3D Explosions + 3D Transformations
Get 25 NewBlue Plugins for $99.95 ($4.00 each*)

NewBlue 3D Explosions
injects explosive energy into your videos with ease. This astonishing collection of customizable 3D transitions includes 180 presets in 13 different plugins that introduce creative new ways to blast a scene into pieces. Morph between segments with explosive energy, swirl pieces that reassemble into the new scene or dramatically blast the image into smithereens.

NewBlue 3D Transformations delivers eye-popping transitions that twist, fly, fold, bounce and more from one scene to the next. This collection of 165 presets in 13 high energy transitions breaks creative ground with new ways to slice, fly and reassemble your scenes. From a magic carpet ride to hovering pizza boxes, you'll find it all with NewBlue 3D Transformations.

*Plug-ins Must be Purchased as a Bundle. Individual Pricing Reflects Pricing as a Bundle Offer.

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