Wednesday, April 13, 2011

News: 64-Bit Final Cut Pro X: $299, Available in June

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"After a lot of hype, Apple did release a new version of Final Cut Pro, Version ‘X’, tonight at Supermeet at NAB in Las Vegas. It will be priced at an astounding $299 and be available in June in the Mac App Store.

“Something as revolutionary as the first version of FCP when introduced in 1999″, it is rebuilt from the ground up, 64-bit, and will fully utilize all cores of all processors.

“Fully color-managed Final Cut based on colorsync.” “Resolution-independent playback system” Up to 4K formats. To be able to deliver that, “we’re leveraging Grand Central Dispath.” You can use all 8-cores. Background rendering built into application.

Update: The Loop has three screenshots of Final Cut Pro X provided by Apple."

Read the Full Article at 9 to 5 Mac.

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