Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New: heyne multimedia Products for Cinema 4D

heyne multimedia DRIVE! 1.5 for Cinema 4D

With DRIVE! you are able to create physically correct vehicle animations playfully easy. With just one mouse click you'll get a ready-to-drive vehicle, which drivability can be edited by a variety of setting possibilities. Free Trial

drive c4d

heyne multimedia Spline Patch 2.5 for Cinema 4D

Spline Patch provides users of C4D with a patch-modeling function. It adds to the list of C4D’s nurbs objects and works in a quite similar manner. Drag and drop three or four splines that surround the surface to be created in the spline patch object and choose the number of subdivisions. That’s it! Free Trial

drive c4d

heyne multimedia Stacx 3D Shader 1.0 for Cinema 4D

STACX integrates itself as a channel shader into the material system of CINEMA 4D. As its name implies, STACX is working with layers in order to advance into the third dimension. You can stack up to 32 shader and define a certain thickness for each layer. In this way you will get a three-dimensional material that you can use like a volume shader. Free Trial

stack c4d

heyne multimedia DirectControl for Cinema 4D Game Controller Support

The tag plugin DirectControl enables you to control objects and parameters using a game controller. E.g. you can control a camera via joystick or you can drive a car through your scene while the animation is running. Things that can't be done using the built-in functions can be realized with XPresso — the controller data are output continuously. Free Trial

stack c4d

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