Friday, April 22, 2011

New: Blackstar Plugins Bundle for Cinema 4D Now Available

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Blackstar Plugins Bundle for Cinema 4D Now Available

Blackstar Plugins Bundle for Cinema 4D | Download a Free Trial

Endofin: Easy depth of field plug-in for C4D

enDOFin is a post effect plugin for Cinema 4D to achieve Depth Of Field effects without the Advanced Render module. It further offers a correct treatment of alpha and transparency, reflections, C4D-Hair and a bunch of other individually adjustable settings.

Splurf: Create spline surfaces in C4D

SPLURF is a tool set plugin for generating parametrical surfaces (or patches) from any spline types supported by Cinema 4D. Beside the Spline Surface Object itself, SPLURF includes an easy-to-use Selector to quickly generate patches of an exisiting spline model. It further contains a Connector Object making multiple spline surfaces adjustable at once.

Reference shader: Instance shader plugin for Cinema 4D

Save time and effort by advanced shader instancing! No need to copy / paste your shader instances anymore thanks to our C4D plugin. With this plugin you no longer need to perform time-consuming multiple copy and paste operations after each adjustment of shaders. Any changes of the source shader are automatically applied to every linked Reference Shader.

Photometric IES: Create realistic light effects with this Cinema 4D plugin

True photometric light plugin for Cinema 4D without any additional renderer software! The BlackStar Photometric IES-LDT-Shader brings photometric lighting data into MAXON Cinema 4D! As opposed to simple point- or spotlights the usage of photometric data creates a more irregular and asymmetrical light distribution. This significantly increases the impression of a real light source which greatly enhances the visual quality.

Cinapsis: A great plug-in for every professional C4D user

Quickly find and edit any element of your Scene and run commands or plugins dynamically on a specific set of items - all within an easy and light Cinema 4D dialog. A typical usage of Cinapsis feels like this: have a complex scene and you're looking for some texture or shader or object - hit Alt+f, enter the first 3 letters of the name and find a suggestion list of all the items including that in your scene. Strike and your texture, shader or object is selected in the OM / Attribute Manager.

Ptex: The Ptex Shader Plug-in for C4D

Ptex is an efficient Per-Face Texture Mapping method. Now available as plugin for C4D, too. Developed by Brent Burley1 and Dylan Lacewell2. It does not use UV coordinates but stores a separate texure per face in a single texture file for a given mesh and supports multi-resolution textures for MIP mapping.

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