Friday, April 29, 2011

Interview: Pixologic Contributes to Industrial Light and Magic (ILM)'s "Rango"

rango interview

PIXOLOGIC: "Rango marks ILM's first foray into feature-length animation. What inspired you to take on a project like this?

GEOFF CAMPBELL, Model Supervisor - Rango: I'd say most artists at ILM have had a desire to try our hand at a full length feature animation for years but because of our effects background no studio had offered until Gore presented us with Rango. Honestly I think we had this idea that it would be a lot harder and longer process than it actually took. But Rango was a fantastic film to work on. Hard work, but lots of fun.

There was also excitement from the outset that this was a Gore Verbinski film with Crash McCreery as Production Designer. Many of us had worked with Gore and Crash on the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films so were big fans from the outset.

PIXOLOGIC: Could you introduce us to the artists on your team and a bit about their backgrounds?

GEOFF CAMPBELL: We call our group of modelers and texture artists the Digital Model Shop or DMS for short. It's really a continuation of the original ILM Model Shop from the Star Wars days. We have a truly dedicated team of artists, some of whom have been with us pre-digitally and others who joined us when we were crewing Rango."

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