Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sale: 10% Off Pixologic zBrush Through April 23 2011

zbrush sale

Pixologic changes the way artists create by introducing a brand new suite of sculpting features and expanding the power of the existing ZBrush toolset. Explore shape creation with Shadow Box, refine hard surface edges with the Clip Brush, manage complex multi-part models with SubTools, Remesh and Reproject to create any topology you need, use the MatchMaker brush to fit parts together perfectly.... the possibilities are endless!

Combine hard surface and organic modeling tools or techniques to create fantastic creatures, superheroes, vehicles, environments and more!

Through April 23 2011, Save 10% on Pixologic ZBrush

zbrush gozPaint your models with the intuitive PolyPainting brushes or use SpotLight to edit and project source images directly onto the surface!

Finally, render your work in ZBrush as an amazing still image or animated turntable using Best Preview Render (BPR). BPR will render the model with shadows, ambient occlusion, subsurface scattering and fibers.

ZBrush will stretch your imagination beyond what you ever thought was possible. The flexible toolset is designed to fit your needs and the way you work.

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