Thursday, March 17, 2011

News: Updates at After Effects Error Code Database by Mylenium

After Effects Error Code Database
Overview, Troubleshooting and Solutions

Posted March 17th by Mylenium at his

"Yes my friends, it’s true! The glorious/ infamous/ notorious After Effects Error Code Database just received a quite massive update with over 25 new errors and equally large updates to a few existing ones. Highlights include extensive rewrites on Could not convert Unicode and my summarized wisdom on memory errors which still are not dead even in CS5. As also apparent from the phrasing of some of these errors, I am step by step working specific changes in CS5 into the fabric of the database. i was going to celebrate this event with a giveaway, but since much to my chagrin I track down most bugs on my own by scouring forums and other resources and rarely ever anyone actively reports or supplies solutions, I guess that iPad 2 now goes to myself… I just need to find a sponsor who I can pump for it. ;-)"

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