Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New: Digieffects Damage Overexpose Now Available Ala Carte

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If all your footage is annoyingly perfect, it can make your stuff seem the same as all the other skilled professionals out there.

Overexpose is an excellent way to add a sense of dynamic to otherwise stable and predictable footage. Using the effect in a practical way can result in a feeling of a sort of focus-hunt and iris-hunt that happens with consumer camcorders when they are constantly trying to adjust to changing composition. Combining Overexpose with Destabilize holds real possibilities for taking a solid, steady shot and making it look hand-held and amateurish. With higher frequency settings, the contemporary treatment of an image flickering randomly is very easy to create without the hassle of keyframing!

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Available for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Boris RED, or GrassValley Edius at the incredible price of $49

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