Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update: Free CINEMA 4D-Update Accelerates Working with CAD Files

C4D 12Free CINEMA 4D-Update accelarates working with CAD files

Beside fixes the new update to R12.043 increases the workflow with CAD data significantly. With the new "Combine Scene" tool you can now combine objects that share the same material or that are on the same layer, and CINEMA 4D will optimize the scene and reduce the number of objects to a minimum accordingly. In addition, duplicates of texture tags and selection tags can be removed automatically. Work more quickly and easily especially with data imported from applications such as Vectorworks, ArchiCAD and Allplan.

This update can be downloaded and installed directly via the Online Updater or you can head over to the Maxon site and download it here.

Minimum requirements: CINEMA 4D R12.016 or higher must already be installed on your computer.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

News/PR: GoPro Acquires CineForm

HALF MOON BAY, CA — GoPro (, which offers wearable and gear mountable cameras and accessories, has acquired CineForm Inc., a developer of video compression and workflow technology.

CineForm is known for its CineForm 444 codec, a professional editing codec that makes HD and 3D editing faster and more convenient without sacrificing image quality. CineForm has produced several award editing applications that exploit the functionality of the CineForm 444 codec, all of which are compatible with programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Sony Vegas, as well as Apple iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. Moving forward, the codec will be named GoPro CineForm.

“CineForm is an industry leader in video codec technology and is famous in professional circles for their HD and 3D content creation tools,”
notes GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. “As GoPro is focused on making it easy for consumers to capture professional quality content, we’re eager to incorporate CineForm’s technology and passion into future GoPro products.”

The first GoPro product to incorporate CineForm’s technology will be the 3D Hero System, an expansion accessory for GoPro’s 1080p HD Hero line of cameras. The 3D Hero System allows consumers to combine two 1080p HD Heros into a single housing to capture synchronized 3D photos and video. A synchronization cable joins the cameras via an expansion port on the back of each camera.

“It’s exciting to look out and see how many people, consumers and professionals alike, are using GoPro cameras to create compelling content,” adds David Taylor, co-founder/CEO CineForm. “As we worked with GoPro over the last year, the more we learned about GoPro’s vision, the more we realized how complementary GoPro and CineForm are to each other. We’re thrilled to join GoPro and to help usher in a new era of accessible professional content capture and creation.”

CineForm is based in Solana Beach, CA, and will become a division of GoPro. They will continue to develop and support its line of professional software products while contributing to the development of new GoPro products. The company will join offices with GoPro’s existing staff in San Diego.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update: FxFactory 2.5.6 released, new Photo Montage Trial

FxFactory 2.5.6 Now Available

The newest version of FxFactory adds two transitions to FxFactory Pro and introduces Photo Montage, a new product to help you create photo animations.

Download the Update | Learn More/Purchase FxFactory in our Store


New/Press Release: Noise Industries Photo Montage Slideshow Plugin for Final Cut Pro, Motion, and After Effects


Trendsetting slide-show animation plug-in creates stunning still animations – no keyframing required

Boston, MA – March 29, 2011 – Noise Industries, developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcast markets, is pleased to announce the release of its brand new still animation plug-in⎯Photo Montage⎯powered by FxFactory®. Photo Montage presents users with more than one-hundred animated presets, twenty transition styles, easy re-ordering and re-timing options, and built-in motion blurring features for animating any type of still image within Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Motion®, Final Cut Express®, and Adobe® After Effects®.

Noise Industries' new plug-in helps users to easily string together images, titles, transitions, and more for a picturesque presentation that creates an animated medley of still photos – no keyframing required. When combined with its user-friendly interface, Photo Montage's full array of effect parameters allows both novice and expert users to create eye-catching animations that exceed even the most demanding clients' creative needs.

"We are ecstatic to introduce its unique features to the FxFactory community," says Niclas Bahn, director of business development, Noise Industries. "The principle behind Photo Montage is simple: select an animation style and your photos, and let the plug-in do the rest. With easy re-ordering and re-timing, built-in motion blurring, and many animated presets, the plug-in's extreme ease of use certainly does not imply limited functionality. Anyone animating stills will want this plug-in; it will make the entire slideshow animation workflow a breeze."

Photo Montage Highlights

A Noise Industries' plug-in, Photo Montage, combines an extensive array of effect parameters with extreme ease-of-use for an unparalleled still animation workflow. Key Photo Montage features include:
  • Keyframing Optional: No keyframes are required for animation. Set durations for pause and transition, and leave the hard work to the plug-in.
  • Support for All Popular Image Formats: This includes JPEG, PNG, and PSD.
  • Easy Re-Ordering and Re-Timing: Customize the order and duration of each photo without wasting precious time renaming files or resizing tracks on the timeline.
  • Titling Support: Assign titles to each image and customize how and where these titles appear in the final output.
  • More Than One Hundred Presets: There is no easier way to explore Photo Montage and find the desired look for any project.
  • Built-in Motion Blurring: Create high-quality animations at any frame rate with built-in motion blur, available for all effects.

Availability and Pricing of Photo Montage

Noise Industries FxFactory Photo Montage

Download a Free Trial

Photo Montage is available now through April 17, 2011 at an introductory price of $159 USD. A trial version of Photo Montage is included with the FxFactory installer. The trial version can be unlocked by purchasing a registration code.

About Noise Industries, LLC

Established in 2004, Boston, Massachusetts-based Noise Industries is an innovative developer of visual effects tools for the postproduction and broadcast community. Their products are integrated with popular non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple and Adobe. For more information about Noise Industries, please visit:

Freebies: Back N Forth Preset for After Effects from MographShire

mographshire preset

Back N Forth is a sine wave generator for the position of your objects inside of After Effects.

Automatically make your layers move from side to side (or up and down) in a motion that is always equidistant from the center on both ends.

Learn More/Download the Free Preset from MographShire

Monday, March 28, 2011

New: Xara Web Designer v7 and Web Designer Premium v7

xara web
Create a great looking website in minutes, no HTML skill required!

Traditional web authoring tools are really just HTML editors, they are designed to create text layouts, providing few graphical capabilities. And yet it's evident that the vast majority of modern websites are of a graphical nature. We believe you should have complete freedom to include anything - text, graphics, photos - anywhere on the page, using just one tool. And you shouldn't need to know, or even see, the HTML that goes into creating your site, any more than a car driver needs to know how an engine works.

Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Download a Free Trial

There's no easier solution The Web Designer approach is simple: Pick your design from the templates; customize it with complete freedom; publish. Absolutely no HTML or Javascript skills are required!

Templates include individual web graphics, complete pages and even pre-built multi-page sites.

Sale: Digieffects al a Carte Products on Sale Through March 31st 2011

Sale: Digieffects al a Carte Products on Sale Through March 31st 2011

All a la carte plugins are on sale now until March 31st. Prices range from as low as $9 (Flipside) to $49 (Camera Mapper) and everything in between!

Learn More/Purchase Digieffects a la Carte Products


Thursday, March 24, 2011

New: Luxology PACK for modo 501: Package Design and Construction Kit for modo

Luxology PACK for modo 501 accelerates the design and visualization of packages in modo. It helps package designers and CG artists circumvent some of the technical stumbling blocks involved in modeling and scene construction. At the core of PACK is a collection of over 200 presets, images and assemblies which constitute a large library of packages and package components which can be modified and assembled to both visualize existing packaging – and to create totally new package designs.

Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Learn More about Luxology modo 501

luxology pack animation

With PACK you can quickly create bags, wrappers, boxes, bottles, cans, cartons, tubes and tubs, and non-destructively develop new packaging concepts. PACK is far more than a simple collection of pre-built models; it’s a flexible framework for creating your own custom designs. Everything in PACK is a starting point. It’s up to you where you take it.

New: LME Epic SFX Sound Design Element Collection Vol.1-3

LME SFXIn these 3 volumes (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3, sold separately) of original sound design elements combined there are 900 .wav files in a variety of categories which are not included in any other collection:

Impacts, explosions, timpani, drum hits, drum riffs, drum buildups, woosh & swoosh, jet woosh, extreme guitar 1, extreme guitar 2, space guitar, SFX, synthesizer sounds/instruments, ambient sounds, distorted alien music, alien rhythms, alien rhythms & riffs, cymbals and music/sound/instrument buildups.

LME Epic SFX Sound Design Element Collection Vol.1

  • 105 - WOOSH + SWOOSH
  • 29 - EXTREME GUITAR 01
  • 30 - DRUM RIFFS
  • 50 - DRUM HITS
LME Epic SFX Sound Design Element Collection Vol.2

  • 33 - DRUM RIFFS_B
  • 36 - IMPACT
  • 55 - EXTREME_GUITAR_02
  • 24 - CYMBALS
  • 37 - AMBIENT_SFX
LME Epic SFX Sound Design Element Collection Vol.3

  • 101 - SFX_MISC.
  • 13 - TIPANI
In these video presentations we overlapped a sampling of sounds in
collection so you can get an idea of what is included.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

News: Gridiron Software to Discontinue Nucleo Pro

gridiron software
News: Gridiron Software will be discontinuing the Nucleo Pro product line effective Friday March 25th 2011.

New: Digieffects Depth Cue Flipside Now Available Al a Carte

digieffects flipsideMap one layer onto the back side of another layer in a few simple steps.

It's as simple as that. This allows you to flip the front layer over to reveal the back layer. It does this without creating any gap between the 2 layers, and without the occlusion problems that sometimes show up when trying to put 2 layers very close together in a composition.

Learn More/Purchase in our Store
| Download a Free Trial


You can choose the orientation of the back layer, as well, allowing it to have the correct orientation whether it’s flipped horizontally, vertically, or both. The orientation parameters are keyframable, too, which allows you to change the orientation of the back layer when it’s not showing, for smooth transitions that fool the eye. In addition, the 2 layers don’t need to be the same size or even have the same pixel aspect ratio. You can have a tiny layer flip over to reveal a huge layer. Or you can use DV footage on one side, and anamorphic footage on the other. It just works. You can even choose not to have a back layer, so that when the layer is turned around, it simply disappears.

Available for After Effects 7 Through CS5

Webinar: Introducing Media 100 Suite Version 2; April 6 2011 @ 1PM ET

boris webinar

Join Floh Peters of Magic Eye for a free live webinar and learn all about the new release!

Title: Introducing Media 100 Suite Version 2
Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:

Media 100 Suite v2 will introduce support for RED Camera workflows including 4K, 2K, and HD video formats, REDCODE media, and the RED ROCKET hardware for accelerated rendering. Other new features will include a Motion Editor for Pan and Scan and DVE effects, improved media search capabilities, and a streamlined, modeless ColorFX window for fast access to all ColorFX options. In addition, Media 100 Suite v2 will integrate the new Boris RED v5 plug-in for text, transitions, and advanced composites. RED v5 adds 50+ new filters and a score of user interface and workflow enhancements including ergonomic panels and a curve editor.

Webinar System Requirements
Macintosh®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer

PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sale: 10% Off Pixologic zBrush Through April 23 2011

zbrush sale

Pixologic changes the way artists create by introducing a brand new suite of sculpting features and expanding the power of the existing ZBrush toolset. Explore shape creation with Shadow Box, refine hard surface edges with the Clip Brush, manage complex multi-part models with SubTools, Remesh and Reproject to create any topology you need, use the MatchMaker brush to fit parts together perfectly.... the possibilities are endless!

Combine hard surface and organic modeling tools or techniques to create fantastic creatures, superheroes, vehicles, environments and more!

Through April 23 2011, Save 10% on Pixologic ZBrush

zbrush gozPaint your models with the intuitive PolyPainting brushes or use SpotLight to edit and project source images directly onto the surface!

Finally, render your work in ZBrush as an amazing still image or animated turntable using Best Preview Render (BPR). BPR will render the model with shadows, ambient occlusion, subsurface scattering and fibers.

ZBrush will stretch your imagination beyond what you ever thought was possible. The flexible toolset is designed to fit your needs and the way you work.

Update: Episode 6.0.5 for Mac is now Available

telestream episodeEpisode version 6.0.5 for Mac is now available. This is a free maintenance release for Episode, Episode Pro, and Episode Engine video encoding software products on the Mac platform. It is recommended that all Mac users update to this new version.

Update to Episode 6.0.5 Now

Key Features:

Fixed an issue that would, in some cases, cause the Esellerate license validation server to unexpectedly revoke a license.

Please note: Episode 6 is a paid upgrade from Episode 5 and previous versions. If you are on Episode 5.x and want to upgrade to Episode 6, Upgrade Here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Press Release: Pond5 Adds Millions of Photos and Vectors, Becomes One-Stop Marketplace for Stock Media

Media Makers Now Have Access to Web’s Most Comprehensive Selection of Stock Images, Video Footage, Audio Tracks and Motion Graphics Templates

NEW YORK CITY and AUSTIN, Texas (SXSW), March 15, 2011—Pond5, the world’s premier marketplace for stock media and one of the best-kept secrets among media producers, today announced the addition of over 5 million stock photos and vector illustrations to its collection, which also includes the Web’s largest selection of royalty-free stock video footage, as well as a full range of sound effects, production music tracks, and After Effects motion graphics templates. With the addition of still images, Pond5 has emerged as the most comprehensive Web-based stock media resource for creative content producers of all stripes.

Pond5 was founded to empower media makers by providing the Web’s fastest, friendliest and fairest marketplace for stock media. The company has a unique, artist-friendly business model whereby artists set the prices for their work and receive half of each sale – a significantly higher percentage than traditional players in the stock media industry who pay artists as low as 15 percent on sales. Pond5’s unique media marketplace model has proven wildly successful, resulting in a fast-growing collection of professional quality stock content at what are generally the lowest prices available, along with a thriving community of artists from around the world, many of whom make their living producing stock media.

“We are in the midst of a radical shift in the way media is produced, distributed and consumed,” says Tom Bennett, Pond5’s co-founder and CEO. “More media, and of increasingly higher quality, is being made by more people all the time. It’s an explosion of creativity, and we are building Pond5 to be the go-to resource for the stock media that fuels that creativity.”

The addition of images, says Bennett, was a natural extension for the company, whose growth to date has been driven primarily by rapid adoption among motion content creators producing for television, film and Web, as well as audio producers and software/video game makers.

“Media creators are increasingly leaving their silos, making content using multiple media types, and distributing it across multiple distribution channels,” notes Bennett. “Judging from the number of our customers who have requested stock images, there’s a clear need for an integrated, one-stop stock media solution that combines audio, images and video.”

Stock Media for All

Accessible prices, a fast interface and an amazing range of stock media have attracted content producers in all areas. Pond5 stock media has been seen and heard in programming on virtually every major television outlet, including ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox, Discovery, BBC, The History Channel, and others. It’s been used in productions ranging from feature films by Dreamworks, to skits in “Saturday Night Live” and “The Daily Show,” to a diverse “long tail” of media productions, including corporate and non-profit training/promo pieces, wedding videos, art projects, museum installations, digital billboards, educational content, architectural/site-based work and myriad others. Photos and vector illustrations now open the door to an even more diverse array of media productions, including print.

Since its launch in 2006, Pond5 has seen accelerating growth, more than doubling its collection size, number of artists, transactions and revenue each year. The company, which raised a small angel round in 2007 with investors — including Scott Kurnit (founder,, Gideon Gartner (founder, Gartner, Inc.) and David S. Rose (Chairman, New York Angels) — subscribes to a philosophy of efficiency, artist- friendliness, and a focus on product and the customer. While offering artist royalties that are among the highest in the industry, Pond5 attained break-even within months of its financing, and has maintained profitability ever since, demonstrating that artist-friendliness is a sustainable proposition. The site currently has more than 60,000 stock media buyers and sellers, who download thousands of video clips, music and other media files a day.

Why Do Media Makers Love Pond5?
  • Prices are the lowest in the industry, making fresh, professional-quality stock media accessible to a rapidly expanding pool of creative content producers.
  • An incredible selection of millions of curated stock footage clips, photos, vectors, After Effects projects, music and sound effects.
  • Instant preview, purchase and download: Media makers can find what they need fast, and get back to work.
  • All media is licensed “royalty free”. License once, use it worldwide, in all media, forever.
Why Do Artists Love Pond5?
  • Open, easy-to-use marketplace to sell pro-quality stock media.
  • Set your own prices, earn 50 percent. The best deal in the industry.
  • Non-excusive contract — artists retain full rights to their work.
Pond5 @ SXSW: $100,000 Stock Media Giveaway, Plus Beer!

Pond5 will be on the ground at SXSW 2011 in Austin, Texas, with a trade show booth at Stand 919-1018, from March 14-17. Delicious FREE BEER will be served daily at the booth starting at 3 p.m. More importantly, the Pond5 crew will be roaming the conference and streets of Austin, giving away $100,000 worth of stock media coupons, which can be used to purchase all media on the site. As with all its credit giveaway promotions, Pond5 pays its artists their full royalties for all stock media purchases using the coupons. To receive 10% of all Pond5 purchases, now through April 30, enter code: SXSW5.

About Pond5

Pond5, the World's Stock Media MarketplaceTM, is a community-driven marketplace for media makers. It features the web’s largest collection of royalty-free stock footage (over 500,000 video clips), as well as millions of stock photos, vector illustrations, music tracks, sound effects, and After Effects motion graphics templates. All media on Pond5 is instantly downloadable, and licensed under a simple royalty-free license. Prices, which are set by contributors, range from $1 and up. Pond5 was launched in 2006 and is based in New York City.

To learn more about Pond5, visit, or become a fan on Facebook at:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

News: Updates at After Effects Error Code Database by Mylenium

After Effects Error Code Database
Overview, Troubleshooting and Solutions

Posted March 17th by Mylenium at his

"Yes my friends, it’s true! The glorious/ infamous/ notorious After Effects Error Code Database just received a quite massive update with over 25 new errors and equally large updates to a few existing ones. Highlights include extensive rewrites on Could not convert Unicode and my summarized wisdom on memory errors which still are not dead even in CS5. As also apparent from the phrasing of some of these errors, I am step by step working specific changes in CS5 into the fabric of the database. i was going to celebrate this event with a giveaway, but since much to my chagrin I track down most bugs on my own by scouring forums and other resources and rarely ever anyone actively reports or supplies solutions, I guess that iPad 2 now goes to myself… I just need to find a sponsor who I can pump for it. ;-)"

New/Press Release: Popular Automatic Skin Retouching Tool for Photographers is Released for Aperture

da beauty boxPopular Automatic Skin Retouching Tool for Photographers is Released for Aperture

Beauty Box Photo Plugin Quickly Smooths Skin Tones in Batches of Photographs

San Francisco, CA — March 16, 2011 — Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective software for photographers and digital artists, today announced the availability of their Beauty Box skin retouching software for Apple’s Aperture. The plugin provides an automatic, easy and inexpensive way of smoothing skin and removing blemishes in photographs. Beauty Box Aperture 1.0 is fully compatible with Aperture 2 and Aperture 3 and works terrifically with processing large groups of images.

”The Beauty Box technology has won a number of awards,” said Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy. “We’re very excited to bring this product to Aperture users and see how this tool enhances their productivity and portrait work.”

Beauty Box Aperture performs fast, automatic skin retouching and smoothing. The software automatically identifies skin tones and creates an intelligent mask that limits the smoothing effect to skin areas while keeping facial details razor-sharp. This process requires minimal input from the user and in many cases is fully automatic. Beauty Box Aperture gets its render speed from new technology from Toonamation, Inc. and takes advantage of GPU speed and nVidia’s CUDA. Whether it is used for a glamour shoot, senior portraits or just a personal photo, Beauty Box achieves a consistently professional result.


The practical features of Beauty Box Aperture include:
  • Automatic Mask: Beauty Box uses face detection to identify the skin tones and create an automatic mask in just those areas.
  • Smart Skin Smoothing: Smoothing controls like Amount and Radius intelligently adjust the skin smoothing.
  • Batch Processing: Automatically smooth the skin in hundreds of images by tying Beauty Box into a batch operation.
  • Control Over Mask: Advanced Mask tools are available to make changes to the mask
  • Sharpen Details: Use fine-tuning controls like Preserve Edges to preserve important details like hair, eyelashes and jewelry.
  • Add Skin Texture: Bring back skin texture, like pore structure, that can be lost because of the smoothing.
  • Fast Processing: Beauty Box uses GPU speed and nVidia’s CUDA to increase render performance.
Pricing and Availability

The skin retouching software works in Aperture 2 and 3. On Macintosh, the product runs on OS 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6. On Windows, the product supports Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit and Windows 7.

Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Download a Free Trial

About Digital Anarchy

Digital Anarchy is a privately owned company in San Francisco, CA that creates smart image enhancement software for professional and aspiring photographers, broadcast designers and 2D animators. These tools let you spend less time processing images and more time on creative work, solving issues from skin smoothing software to masking out bluescreens for commercial still photography. Digital Anarchy products work in Photoshop, Aperture, After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. For more information, please see the company’s website at or call 415-287-6069 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 415-287-6069 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New: Digieffects Damage Overexpose Now Available Ala Carte

Image Name

If all your footage is annoyingly perfect, it can make your stuff seem the same as all the other skilled professionals out there.

Overexpose is an excellent way to add a sense of dynamic to otherwise stable and predictable footage. Using the effect in a practical way can result in a feeling of a sort of focus-hunt and iris-hunt that happens with consumer camcorders when they are constantly trying to adjust to changing composition. Combining Overexpose with Destabilize holds real possibilities for taking a solid, steady shot and making it look hand-held and amateurish. With higher frequency settings, the contemporary treatment of an image flickering randomly is very easy to create without the hassle of keyframing!

Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Download a Free Trial

Available for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Boris RED, or GrassValley Edius at the incredible price of $49

Tutorial: Stylized lightning with Trapcode Particular and 3D Stroke

In this tutorial, Wes Ball (of OddBall Animation) shows you how to create a stylized lightning bolt effect (seen in the Lovett music video "Eye of the Storm") using Trapcode Particular and Trapcode 3D Stroke.

Watch "Eye of the Storm" here on Vimeo:​19659763

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Webinar: Must-Have Effects in Apple Final Cut Pro Tuesday, March 22, 2011 @ 1:00 PM ET

boris webinar

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 @ 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Register Now!

Join Larry Jordan as he demonstrates must-have Boris Continuum Complete effects in Apple Final Cut Pro:

• Chroma key compositing with Matte Choker and Light Wrap
• Matching color and grain to achieve high-quality composites
• Fixing problems with Wire Remover
• Erasing objects with Motion Key
• Creating Lens Blur and Motion Blur effects

One lucky attendee will win a Boris Box Set ($1,995 value).

About Larry Jordan
Larry Jordan is a producer, director, editor, consultant, and Apple-Certified trainer with over 25 years video production and post-production experience. He is currently using his award-winning skills in training editors to use Final Cut Studio. He is the Executive Producer and Host of Creative Planet's Digital Production BuZZ, as well as author of five books on Final Cut Studio, along with a monthly on-line newsletter covering Final Cut Studio.

Tutorial: Animating a line drawn on a map – Indiana Jones Style by Angie Taylor


Angie Taylor takes you through the process of Animating a line on a map, a la Indiana Jones.

Did You Know? Toolfarm Vimeo Groups and Inspirations Channel

Are you on Vimeo? Do you want to post something you found inspirational, browse tutorials or share your work with the rest of the class?

Check out our Vimeo Group Toolfarm's Tutorials, and our new Toolfarm Inspirations Channel!

Tutorial: Basic Head rotations using 3D Layers, Distortion Mesh & Expressions in After Effects

Posted by Daniel Gies on Vimeo.

Basic Head rotations using 3D Layers, Distortion Mesh & Expressions in After Effects

"This is a really quick overview of one method to approach head rotations and Blink animations. It is not a definitive method, but if your character design suites the process it can be quite effective.

I just skim over the expressions and property linking so if you need a more detailed overview of linking sliders to layer attributes check out my earlier tutorial on Using Sliders."

Friday, March 11, 2011

News: CoreMelt Software Revs Up Documentary Web Series ''The North''

Image Name

Company’s Advanced Plugins Play Starring Role in Curbsyde Productions’ Adventure Travelogue

On the road with Curbsyde Productions and ‘’RTC:The North'' -- the short reality series whose postproduction workflow features CoreMelt’s Lock & Load.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- Watch ''RWC: The North,'' the outdoor adventure series that centers on two motorcycle riders ‘reconnecting with Canada” (hence RWC) and you are bound to see stunning vistas, treacherous icy roads, untamed wildlife and more. What you won’t see is unstable video footage thanks to the show’s producers, Curbsyde Productions use of CoreMelt, the developer of advanced video plug-in effects, and their Lock & Load line of image stabilization tools.

''The North,'' a new 12 part, 11-minute motorcycle adventure/ HD video documentary premiered February 13 and will air online and on such services as Openfilm, Verizon FiOS, TiVo, Boxee and others weekly through March 29.

''CoreMelt has allowed us to fine tune our workflow and incorporate some great effects and transitions that are very simple to tweak for a bit more individual flair in each episode,'' Joe Lloyd, Curbsyde Productions Producer, says. ''On top of that Lock & Load is superb at reducing shake and rolling shutter. As we ‘run and gun’ a lot of the time, the addition of Lock & Load has proven essential. Before starting this project we demoed pretty much everything advertised to reduce shake with a CMOS-based camera and they were all pretty horrible. Lock & Load is the first product to remove the Jell-O effect on most of the shots, which is great.''

''The North'' is an adventure lived and seen from behind a motorcycle helmet visor -- from the unique perspective of two riders exploring Northern Canada on icy and snowed in roads, facing extraordinary weather conditions and discovering not only the geographical wonders of Northern Canada, but also the amazing people that make it a place of wonder, beauty and danger known throughout the world.

To capture the action, cameraman Jesse Clark, who travels with the show’s host “Ice Man” Paul Mondor, shoots with 2 Canon 5D mk2's and one Canon 7D and edits on the road using 2 MacBook Pro laptops running Final Cut Studio that are typically powered in a support vehicle when they aren't stopped for the night. Sound is captured from Sennheiser ME66's and fed into the Canon 5D's via a Beacktek DXA-5da. We also use a Zoom H4N recorder and some wireless lav systems when needed. The production team reviews dailies and tags what we like to edit into a webisode. Even that, Lloyd says, takes a lot of effort especially after riding all day, so a lot of tagging is done by the camera team en-route as well to speed up the entire process.

''During editing we like to have as much templated out as possible,'' Lloyd explains. ''Intros, lower 3rds, credit rolls, maps, are all done in advance. Then we drop in clips, record voiceover as needed and get it uploaded as soon as possible.''

Adds Lloyd, ''Speed is incredibly important to us, as is ease of use, and after quite a bit of testing of other plug-ins, we use CoreMelt's color correcting and altering options pretty much exclusively. They’re faster, more intuitive, than the built-in FCP controls, while not sacrificing any quality.''

''Given my background of working on feature films and visual effects work, I completely understand the need for tools that perform specific tasks easily, quickly and will output a high quality result,'' CoreMelt Founder Roger Bolton says. ''CoreMelt’s plugins have all been designed to give you quick, accurate results and perform the tasks you need to do, without having to muck around with a million sliders. And as they are all GPU accelerated, they are very fast.''

You can see CoreMelt’s Lock & Load product in action on “RWC: The North” by here: You can also keep up with the show on Facebook:

Additionally, ''RWC: The North'' producer Joe Lloyd will be a guest speaker on the use of CoreMelt plugins in the webinar ''Shooting and Editing in Difficult Locations'' on April 26 at 10am PST to 11:30am PST (1pm to 2:30pm EST). For more information click here:

About Curbsyde Productions:
Founded by Joe and Flora Lloyd as a “vehicle” to produce their own adventure documentaries, Curbsyde specializes in motorcycle adventure travel. Curbsyde’s focus is on the journey just as much as the destinations. Its HD series are filled with “obtainable” adventures created for online distribution using the latest in technology. For additional information, please visit

About CoreMelt
CoreMelt, established in 2005 is a Sydney, Australia-based developer of advanced video plug-in effects for the editorial, composting, design and visual effects communities. The company’s CoreMelt Complete V2 is a comprehensive line of professional products featuring over 200 GPU accelerated plug-ins featuring the company’s newly introduced V2 user interface – ranging from soft organic glows and blurs to advanced color correction and image stabilization tools – that give unprecedented functionality to motion graphic designers and visual effects artists. CoreMelt products are available worldwide through the internet and resellers in the US, UK, Taiwan and Japan. For additional information on CoreMelt and its range of products, visit:

Click here for more info about CoreMelt and Lock & Load:

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New: Digieffects Damage Destabilize Now Available Ala Carte

digieffects destabilizeNew: Digieffects Damage Destabilizer: Paranormal and natural disasters not included.

As more and more footage for our projects is acquired in close proximity to ghosts, collapsing overpasses, rapidly opening landscape-sucking crevasses and always-just-out-of-view prehistoric monsters, tripod-steady footage can suck the drama right out of the scene. In these cases, it can be necessary to take matters into your own post production-skilled hands. With the ability to create convincing camera shake with individual controls over each color channel, multiple axes of motion blur, and nodal rotation control, you can add a bit of uneasy drama, or jittery chaos to nearly any scene. Using the ability to introduce individual random variation into each parameter set means the motion that results is convincingly organic, and a product of fine control.

Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Download a Free Trial

Destabilize is an effect that is useful for emulating a practical camera shake or a more conceptual effect for motion graphics work involving separate color channel alpha compositing and color channel separation. By causing a shot to be less steady, you can add tension or energy to what may otherwise be a rather straightforward and obvious shot.

Available for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Boris RED, or GrassValley Edius at the incredible price of $49

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

New: NewBlueFX Light Blends

newblueNewBlue Light Blends is a collection of truly original and dazzling techniques that will electrify your story with stunning light flairs, orbs, rays, strobes and more. You’ll discover that there's nothing more effective and impactful than using light for scene transitions, and Light Blends will be among your staple tools.

Learn More/Purchase Light Blends in our Store | Free Trial

This collection includes: Glow Pro, Light Bender, Light Ring, Neon Lights, Photon Blast, Plasma Glow, Psycho Strobe, RGB Shift, Scanner, Traveling Rays.

Tutorial: Boris TV: Transformations and Animations in Sony Vegas Pro

John Rofrano reviews Transformations and Animations with Boris Continuum Complete's Extruded Text filter...

Reminder: Sale Ends Tonight: NewBlueFX Video Essentials vol. 1-4 Bundle $299 ($400 Value)


This special bundle contains Video Essentials Collections 1-4 at a deep discount.

Video Essentials Vol 1-4 - bundled for just $299- a $400 value! Through March 8th 2011.

NewBlueFX Video Essentials I

Just as every painter needs a canvas, brush, and paint, no video editor should be without NewBlue Video Essentials. This valuable collection of tools features a set of 10 video effects designed to make your workflow more efficient. Think of these as a Swiss army knife of tools designed to enhance, optimize, and accelerate your productivity. Learn More

NewBlueFX Video Essentials II

Just as every illusionist has a bag of tricks to make the impossible possible, NewBlue Video Essentials II brings video magic to the desktop. Use this collection of ten indispensable effects to solve frustrating problems and add luster to your productions, all with intuitive yet powerful controls. The NewBlue Video Essentials II collection features 131 presets in 10 different plugins that brings video magic to the desktop. Use this collection to solve frustrating problems and add luster to your productions, all with intuitive yet powerful controls. Learn More

NewBlueFX Video Essentials III

Who says a sequel can't be as good as the original? NewBlue Video Essentials III joins our bestselling Essentials line of effects and transitions. Offering 175 presets in 10 specialized effects, this inspiring collection speeds workflow and solves common problems easily.

Fix motion distortion from CMOS cameras, selectively strengthen color and manipulate atmosphere, effortlessly map the four corners of a video insert over a scene, soften jagged edges on text and graphics, and employ dozens of other techniques designed to solve your everyday production issues. Learn More

NewBlueFX Video Essentials IV

With dozens of image-enhancing, time-saving presets, all-new Video Essentials IV allows unthinkable: Turn day into night, make wrinkles disappear, overlay a timer, and add a reflection - with ease. This collection of over 100 presets in 10 integrated plugins solves everyday production problems, saves time and spurs creativity.

This collection includes: Bleach Bypass, Day for Night, Drop Shadow, Fish Eye, Luma Key, Magnifying Glass, Reflection, Skin Touch Up, Slide Show, Time Clock. Learn More

Monday, March 07, 2011

News: Digieffects Launches New Academic Discount Program

Digieffects Further Strengthens its Commitment to Academia, Entire Family of VFX Plug-Ins More Accessible for Schools

Wilmington, NC - March 03, 2011

Digieffects (, a developer of popular visual effects software plug-ins, announced today that it has formally launched the Digieffects Academic Discount Program, offering special pricing for educational institutions, film and design schools, students and teachers. Bolstering its commitment to academia, this new program is designed to make it easier for students and the academic community to invest in, and learn the valuable skills of visual effects design and their increasingly ubiquitous role in the post production workflow.

Digieffects Academic Products

With this announcement, qualifying schools, students and teachers will receive significant discounts on the entire Digieffects family of VFX plug ins, including Delirium v2, Buena Depth Cue v2, Damage v2 and the entire range of a la carte offerings.

"Digital media artists today are becoming more sophisticated, weaving complex visual effects into their day to day work. So the demand on schools, students and teachers to be on top of the latest, most advanced tools is steadily increasing," said Robert Sharp, president of Digieffects. "While we've always been committed to academia, we decided the time was right to make it even easier for schools and students to invest in and steep themselves in our plug-ins. We also understand that the academic community doesn't always have the resources to acquire the industry's latest or most advanced tools. Our goal is to ensure that schools are well equipped to help students enter this competitive marketplace with highly valuable, marketable skills."

Transforming Curriculums, Preparing Students at SCAD
The Savanna College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia is one of the top schools for the fine arts, film and new media in the country. The core of the schools graphic design curriculum revolves around design thinking. This exploratory process encourages students to see differently, shift focus, look from multiple perspectives, and realize how perception influences meaning. At SCAD, graphic design is about more than problem-solving, as students take on the creative challenge of defining what the problems are, and what opportunities exist for new solutions. It is for these reasons the school has invested in Digieffects throughout multiple departments within the school, as the power, flexibility and versatility of Digieffects plug ins mesh seamlessly with the schools core mission.

Professor TJ O'Donnell from SCAD comments on the versatility of Digieffects plug ins across the various departments within the school;

"Digieffects plays a significant role in the curriculum here at SCAD as we realized early on its value in preparing our student for when they enter the competitive world of the digital media arts. We use Digieffects plug ins not only for motion media projects, but to achieve results for print projects as well; effects and techniques that are far too complicated to achieve through normal channels in software programs like Photoshop. We can then take these results and produce them through multiple medias - print, video, online. Our partnership with Digieffects has been invaluable, and their Academic Discount Program has made it that much easier to invest in our students' future."

The Digieffects Academic Discount Program enables individual students and teachers to purchase any of the company's plug-in packages or a la carte offerings at a 50% discount. The program also offers discounts up to 50%, site licenses and preferred technical support to educational institutions.

About Digieffects

Founded in 1996, Digieffects is a developer of visual effects software. Our software functions as "plugins" and work in conjunction with Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Boris RED and Grass Valley Edius. We have customers all around the world including many of the best known brands in the media and entertainment industry. We service a variety of other markets including corporations, government agencies, universities, non-profit institutions, independent freelancers and hobbyists. Digieffects has also licensed its plugins to Adobe and Roxio for inclusion in their video software applications.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Reminder: Sale Ends Tonight: 10% Off All Red Giant and Trapcode Upgrades Through March 4 2011

red giant cs5 sale

All Red Giant products are 64-bit ready and CS5 rock-steady

After a whirlwind year, Red Giant has finished a big task. We updated 29 products for Adobe CS5 Creative Suite and 64-bit compatibility. We also put together four CS5-compatible Suites that will really knock your socks off (but keep your wallet intact).

That's 29 products which contain 170 plug-ins. Each has a Mac and Windows side, which doubles to a total of 240 plug-ins, and then we have multiple Adobe host apps... Wow! This great accomplishment took the hard work of every team at Red Giant and -- just as important -- a lot of terrific support and advice from you, our customers. We always strive to release the best products, and sometimes we had to delay a much anticipated update to make sure it was in tiptop shape.

Sale: 10% Off All Red Giant and Trapcode Upgrades Through March 4 2011

It's been a wild ride to the finish line and we appreciate your patience. As a thank you, we are offering 10% off all upgrades for the next 5 days. That's a 10% discount on individual and Suite upgrades, most of which are $29 and $99 regularly.

This 10% OFF sale runs through Friday, March 4, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST (California). To find out when the sale ends in your time zone, visit the World Clock site.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Review: Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro at Microfilmmaker Magazine

mocha pro

Imagineer Systems mocha Pro

Publisher: Imagineer Systems
Platform: Mac and Windows
Description: Planar tracking & rotoscoping
MSRP: $1,495. Upgrade from Mocha AE $895 Upgrade / Buy here
Download Demo: Click Here
Review Date: March 1, 2011
Reviewed By: Craig Herron

Final Score: 8.5

Reprinted with permission from Microfilmmaker Magazine.

Mocha Pro is the big brother of Mocha AE and, as such, is a full-featured software program for tracking, rotoscoping, inserting, stabilizing and removing items from video clips. While it is a higher price point, it's also more powerful. Let's break down each element for folks knew to Mocha, or for folks who'd just like a refresher!

is the process of following around a specific part of your video image, so that you will later be able to stick something else on top of that part. It's used a lot to replace a sign on a moving vehicle or to put something else on a TV or computer screen in a moving camera shot. But it can also be used to replace heads, add wounds to actors, or wings or horns or whatever. Tracking is also great for adding the missing second story to your set while the camera is panning (or even burning down the missing second story in the midst of that pan).

Rotoscoping is sort of like keying out a green screen if someone forgot to shoot the actor in front of a green screen. Rotoscoping strikes fear into the hearts of VFX artists. What happens is: you have to make a mask that has a bunch of points on it. You move thru the clip and adjust the points on the mask to follow whatever it is you are trying to take out, usually a person. Every time you adjust the mask, you create a keyframe. You usually start at the beginning and draw the mask, then skip to the end and move and adjust it. Then jump to the middle and adjust that, then start jumping to the middle of the other keyframes until the mask moves correctly following the action. Sometimes you will adjust the mask on pretty much every frame. Thats 24-30 frames per second. Sometimes you will have a mask for every finger on a hand. You can see how much fun rotoscoping is.


X spline outlining the plane of the ship for stabilizing in Mocha Pro.

Inserting is placing a picture or a video clip into a frame or other space that you have already tracked and rotoscoped. It is usually done in your compositing software but Mocha Pro can do it inside the tracking software and even render out a video for you.

Stabilizing is taking video that was shot handheld or on a cheap tripod on a vibrating ship and making it look like you shot it correctly, smoothly, and watchably. This is less in demand than it used to be, but I hope it makes a comeback, as I am very tired of watching multi-million dollar films that look like they were shot on miniDV. Stabilizing is very useful if you want to take out the jitter and bounce of a background so that you can put it behind your rotoscoped or keyed out actor. Of course you could also track the jittery background and apply it to the actor and he will jump around just like your background. When it comes to compositing, you might say that tracking is making your foreground elements conform to your background, while stabilization is making your background element conform to your foreground. (That's a bit simplistic and not always the case, but it's a good rule of thumb.)

Removing and making clean plates. A plate is a clip of video, or a still picture that can be your background. Sometimes there are things that you want to cut out of your video and keep (the rotoscoping part) and sometimes you just want to get rid of these things and have a nice clean background. These things might be tourists who wander into your nice background plate/shot of the beach where you are shooting Robinson Crusoe, or they might be tracking markers or unwanted signs, or something modern that is out of place. Sometimes these corrections might be made in Photoshop but if you have something moving, like the water, or the camera, this becomes a problem.


The corner pin tracking data applied to a null in After Effects to stabilize the ship footage.

Mocha Pro does all these things. It does them in a unique way using something called a planar tracker. A planar tracker tracks planes in an object rather than points/pixels or 3D points. There are all sorts of planes in our world that can be tracked: doors, windows, signs, TVs, and table tops are obvious ones. You can also track faces, and rock formations, and distant mountains. You will find planes everywhere. Mocha Pro asks you to draw a loose mask around the plane you want to track and then you hit the track button and Mocha will work for a few minutes and then give you a very accurate and smooth track. You can then add additional tracks, either forwards or backwards, add a grid to see how it's going and even add a logo or item to see how it tracks. After you get your track right you can export that information to various programs like After Effects, Nuke, and Final Cut Pro where you apply it to your footage. This planar tracking is the heart of Mocha. After you have your track you can tack masks onto to it to speed up your rotoscoping. You can export your roto-masks to After Effects and other programs as well. Say you need to mask a hand with the fingers spread out. You can track the palm of the hand and make a mask for that. You can make a mask for each finger and add that to the track of the hand. This saves huge amounts of mind numbing time over standard rotoscoping. Believe me you really want this.

You can also do a stabilize track, which tracks a plane in the same way but instead of using that track to add something to your plane, the stabilize track moves the background around so that your plane now holds still. This is great for the backgrounds shot from a moving boat or car that you would really prefer that they look like backgrounds and not like an earthquake. (Which leads to the question, since we used to show an earthquake by shaking the camera but now, thanks to Paul Greengrass and his latter Bourne movies, even simple conversations are shot with the camera shaking and wandering like crazy, how do we show an earthquake?)


A logo tracked onto the side of the ship for positioning in Mocha Pro.

Finally, for rotoscoping, Mocha removes items by once again tracking objects. This time it requires at least two tracks, one for the item you want to remove and one for the background plane where you want Mocha to fill in the hole where the item was removed. Mocha also does some cool stuff with fixing or using lens distortion and inserting pictures into your tracked picture frames, signs, and TVs and rendering out a video clip.

Ease of Use

This is a tricky question to answer as tracking and rotoscoping are very confusing to most people and are fairly hard to do. Mocha Pro is definitely easier to do and to learn than point tracking, where you draw a little box around a few pixels that have a high contrast and a bigger box around that area that you want to search. Point tracking sort of works as long as you have a clear point to track. Of course as the light changes, the perspective changes or the point is blocked by something else, the track will get lost and wander off. 3D tracking looks at the whole video clip and tracks hundreds of points in 3D space and then works backwards to keep the 3D points still but create a moving camera. It does work well but it is very confusing to use as you end up with this 3D cloud of points that you have to figure out what is what. Mocha can track some 3D objects pretty well and is much, much easier to use.

Mocha Pro is a separate program and opens onto one large window, which can be resized and moved around. The controls are laid out very well and once you figure out what the icons mean it is pretty straight forward. One thing that confused me at first is the "x" splines and the b splines. X splines are something new that Mocha has come up with. They work very well, are easy to adjust, and you can even have different feathers/blurs on each of your points. This works great with masks as I have often wanted to have a soft area around the hair in a matte but wanted to keep the features sharp. The points on an "x" spline can also adjust to be sharper, or smoother, and can be adjusted at any time. There is an icon that is sort of an "x+" which adds additional masks/tracking areas to your first x spline. Then there are two icons with a "b" and "b+". These are simply a bezier spline like in Photoshop or Illustrator. Mocha puts them there for your convenience, but advises against using them as they don't work as well with the program as the "x" splines. The "x" splines work great so I just use them.

The tutorials on the website are really well done and offer in-depth lessons on almost all parts of Mocha Pro. The online manual is also really good with step by step instructions with pictures.


Actress Sara Cole being rotoscoped in Mocha Pro. Although I will key most of this footage out, I may need to rotoscope her blouse as it has a bit to much green in the blue.

Depth of Options

Mocha Pro covers the area of tracking, rotoscoping, stabilizing, cleaning up background footage, and correcting lens distortion extremely well. If you do any sort of visual effects, the day will come when you need this type of software. This is the only software I have used which has all these tools in one place. It is very fast and fairly easy to use. I will be using Mocha Pro on my current short movie: Bermuda Triangle ― A Love Story. The 18 minute short is being produced with the backgrounds shot first on location on a cruise ship and in Bermuda and the actors added via green screen. This means that nearly every scene will include VFX. There are a lot of backgrounds shot with an inexpensive Sony HDV camera on a moving ship or ferry boat that contain jitter and outright bumps. Mocha Pro will be used in some cases to stabilize the background footage shot on the vibrating and windy decks of the cruise ship, and to track the actors into the moving and pitching high speed ferry boat. There are also a number of logos on the ship as well as on the docks as the ferry is coming in that will need to be tracked and replaced with original logos. I'm sure somewhere along the way I'm going to need that lens distortion tool as the backgrounds were shot with a consumer HDV video camera, a point and shoot Canon, and a Canon T2i HDSLR (both as stills and HD video). The actors will be shot against green screen with the HDSLR so I'm hoping to keep the rotoscoping to a minimum. But a lot of the backgrounds may be rotoscoped to allow for 3D camera moves.


Mocha Pro is very hardy and moves pretty quickly through HD files and comes back with amazing tracks. It takes a few minutes to make the tracks depending on how complex and long they are. It is not a speed demon, but tracking is very slow to do in all software that I have used. Mocha is faster than others I have used. The way it can make roto-masks and track them is where it really shines and huge gains in the speed of rotoscoping are made. I'm talking cutting times in half and, sometimes, even cutting the time to 10%. We're talking of saving hours of time on each rotoscope job.


Back in After Effects with the fake logo of the Bermuda Star cruise line tracked over the real logo of the ship. This was a tricky shot as the camera was on a bouncing high speed ferry moving away from the ship at an angle. Mocha Pro did a great job.


At $895 upgrade from MochaAE, and $1495 to buy it from scratch, Mocha Pro is not an inexpensive program, especially for indie movie makers. But we are talking saving huge amounts of time and aggravation. Tracking and rotoscoping and cleaning up backgrounds takes enormous amounts of time, talent and sanity. It takes pretty high grade tracking/roto/cleaning software to pull this off, which is what you get with Mocha Pro. (To give you an idea, Mocha Pro was used to track in the feathers growing on Natalie Portman's arms in Black Swan. Great video on the Mocha web site. )

Final Comments

I was thrilled to get ahold of this software. I have been using Mocha AE which is very useful but doesn't have the stabilizing, lens correction, advanced rotoscoping, and cleaning up backgrounds that Mocha Pro has. It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of Mocha but now I see how it can improve the quality and speed of my visual effects. I will also be able to do more complicated shots for less money which will make my VFX customers happy.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

New: Digieffects Damage Blockade now Available Ala Carte

digieffects blockadeMore control over your video defectiveness than you can shake a stick at

Blockade’s main role is simulating low fidelity camera feeds from maybe a cel phone…or PDA. The effect places random blocks of slightly tinted color around your image, which creates the impression that these areas are not being faithfully color sampled, which is a common occurrence in many of the low resolution video cameras in phones as the video has to be highly compressed to be transmitted over the cellular phone…and then stored in as small a file as is practical.

Learn More/Purchase Blockade in our Store | Free Trial

Available for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Autodesk Combustion, Boris RED, or GrassValley Edius at the incredible price of $49

Sale: Vicon boujou March Promotion

Take advantage of lower boujou prices through March 31st, 2011.

Through March 31st, Vicon is offering up to 25% off with the following discounts.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

New: ISP Stereoscopic 3D for After Effects

isp stereoscopic

ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin is a stereoscopic 3D video editing plugin software for After Effects.

ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin allows you to transform subtitles on text layer or particle animation into stereoscopic 3D video with simple operation.
The whole process, from editing to output, can be done in single composition. It frees you from complex and cumbersome stereoscopic 3D video editing.

Learn More/Purchase in our Store | Free Trial

Astonishingly Simple Operation
To create 3D video, simply add an adjustment layer into your composition using 2D video, apply ISP Stereoscopic 3D plugin to the adjustment layer.

Automatically Places 2 Cameras in After Effects 3D Region

2 virtual cameras will automatically be placed in After Effects 3D region, so as to control parallax

Adjusts Subtle Gap Individually
Subtle gap within videos shot for 3D can be adjusted individually.

No More Additional Composition
Only one composition is enough to edit video. You don't have to create another composition for each output, such as left-right source video or output format.

Sale Extended: 10% Off All Red Giant and Trapcode Upgrades Through March 4 2011

red giant cs5 sale

All Red Giant products are 64-bit ready and CS5 rock-steady

After a whirlwind year, Red Giant has finished a big task. We updated 29 products for Adobe CS5 Creative Suite and 64-bit compatibility. We also put together four CS5-compatible Suites that will really knock your socks off (but keep your wallet intact).

That's 29 products which contain 170 plug-ins. Each has a Mac and Windows side, which doubles to a total of 240 plug-ins, and then we have multiple Adobe host apps... Wow! This great accomplishment took the hard work of every team at Red Giant and -- just as important -- a lot of terrific support and advice from you, our customers. We always strive to release the best products, and sometimes we had to delay a much anticipated update to make sure it was in tiptop shape.

Sale: 10% Off All Red Giant and Trapcode Upgrades Through March 4 2011

It's been a wild ride to the finish line and we appreciate your patience. As a thank you, we are offering 10% off all upgrades. That's a 10% discount on individual and Suite upgrades, most of which are $29 and $99 regularly.

This 10% OFF sale runs through Tuesday, March 4, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST (California). To find out when the sale ends in your time zone, visit the World Clock site.