Friday, February 04, 2011

Tutorials: Friday Tutorial Roundup/ AEFreemart

Here's a few tutorials and tips recently posted on AEFreemart in case you may have missed them. Happy Friday!

The Tron look/ Video Copilot

tron tutorial

Andrew Kramer released a “walk-through” of how he accomplished a Tron text treatment which he teased us with last month. As usual, good good stuff. Watch the mini-tut and download the project file at

Procedural Disintegration with After Effects

Quba Michalski
is back from hiatus with a fantastic method of grinding a 3D layer into particles using Trapcode Particular. Watch the tutorial (over an hour long!) and download the project file at the original post here.

Kern type in Cinema 4D? Yes, you can!

Frustrated with Cinema 4D‘s mysterious lack of ability to kern type? Not a problem anymore with… the Kernimator! This FREE “plugin”, more a library object, gives you full control of Mograph text and let’s you tuck in your characters on a letter by letter basis. The Kernimator’s website says it works on both Mac and Windows and was tested in R11.5 and R12. (I’m using R11 and it works just fine there!) Learn more and download the free kerning goodness at

Here’s a quick how-to:

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