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Review: Singular Software PluralEyes at Microfilmmaker Magazine


Singular Software PluralEyes

Platform: Mac/Win

Description: Video/Audio Syncing Plugin

MSRP: $149 Buy here
Download Demo: Click Here
Review Date: February 1, 2011
Reviewed By: Jeremy White

Final Score: 9.5/10

Reprinted with permission from Microfilmmaker Magazine.

I remember the day I bought a second camera for cut-away shots.

I was so excited. Suddenly I could cut back and forth between different angles. I hurried to my studio and set up both cameras for a quick test run. After logging the footage, it dawned on me that I was going to have to find a way to sync up my videos. Drat. That takes time. I didn't think of bringing a clapper, so I had to zoom in and find a distinct audio clip to sync everything up with.

pluraleyes review

Opening Screen.

It was at this moment that a deep hatred was birthed in my soul for syncing video. As my camera fleet grew, my hatred for syncing videos grew all the more. Finally my hatred hit a boiling point.

pluraleyes review

Choose Your Sequence

Enter pluraleyes. pluraleyes is a program that automatically syncs your video clips together by analyzing your audio, saving you hours of headaches.

Ease of Use

This program could not be easier to use. All you do is lay your video in your editing software timeline, open PpluralE eyes, choose which sequence you want to sync, press the "Sync multiclip" button and PRESTO! You have perfectly synced video!

pluraleyes review

Sync Options.

Depth of Options

There are two different ways to edit synced video: within the timeline itself OR in a new sequence using multiclip. pluraleyes clearly had the user in mind when they developed this software as they allow for both output options (sync in timeline or multiclip).

In addition, pluraleyes gives you six options for syncing your video: clips are in chronological order, level audio, use markers, try really hard, single output sequence, replace audio.

pluraleyes review

In Sequence Sync.


At first I tried syncing a 5-camera children's play I shot. Sadly, not all of the cameras had their on-board mics turned on. pluraleyes syncs the videos clips according to their audio files. Without audio – there's nothing for it to sync with.

I tried again with a wedding. Unfortunately, it was an outdoor wedding where the wind was blowing and my audio files didn't sound remotely similar. Plural Eyes can't sync what it can't hear.

Lastly, I tried using pluraleyes with footage shot in a controlled, indoor environment. I was blown away. It works! Within seconds, Plural Eyes perfectly synced all my videos!

pluraleyes review

Multi Clip Sync.


If you shoot a lot of multi-cam productions, Plural Eyes is a MUST HAVE program. Plural Eyes will save you hours of time and more than pay for itself in the long run.

Final Comments

Again, Plural Eyes can only sync what it hears. If you have clean audio – this will work wonders! Plural Eyes is a program that can save you hours of editing when used properly. I highly recommend it!

Posted at MicroFilmmaker Magazine by Jeremy White

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