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Review: proDAD Mercalli V2 PRO at

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Review: proDAD Mercalli V2 PRO
Fix Rolling Shutter and Stabilize Frames, Zoom in Less While You Work
Posted by Barry Braverman at Studio Monthly

"Resolution. Resolution. We hear this mantra constantly as shooters demand larger and larger imagers with more and more resolution. Never mind the compression artifacts, the rolling shutter morass and umpteen storage challenges associated with the mammoth data load. When shooters go shopping these days for a camera, many seem interested in only two things: imager size — the larger the better; and pixel count — more is better, right? It's a fad, of course, and it will pass. But for the moment we are living it — and have to deal with it.

One consequence of the current large-imager fixation is the increased demand for cheap CMOS-sensor type cameras with resolutions to 5K (and beyond), which leave a great deal to be desired in terms of performance.

In the typical DSLR, FlipCam or other rudimentary video-capture device, the minimal sampling, crude video encoder and high compression ratios, contribute to bountiful aliasing artifacts and a highly constrained dynamic range. ProDAD’s Mercalli V2 plug-in, for all its capabilities, can't do much about these particular failings. But it sure can address perhaps the most annoying shortcoming facing DSLR and FlipCam shooters: the rolling shutter..."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your nice review.
Unfortunately I have to advise that I'm having great problems with Mercalli.
Very often the procedure of analysis stop without giving any result, sometimes final cut pro crashes. But the really worst think is that I have contacted the customer service explaining anything was going on. First time the answered me that they didn't understand what was going on and later they simply just NOT ANSWER ME.
So I sadly have to say that the investment really didn't worth. Terrible customer service. Maybe I have some problem on my congiguration but it was simply impossible to clear it out.

Luca Gavagna