Thursday, February 24, 2011

New: Zaxwerks ProAnimator Plug-in and Standalone v5

zaxwerks proanimator

Zaxwerks is proud to announce that ProAnimator 5 has just been released!

ProAnimator has been completely reinvented. You can now do things in ProAnimator that were never possible before. We have added hundreds of new features designed to make your work faster, easier and more productive; to save you time and help you make more money.

As always, ProAnimator works as both a Standalone and a Plug-in for After Effects. If you are on a Mac it is not yet compatible with After Effects CS5, however the standalone version will create movies that CS5 can use.

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ProAnimator is compatible with After Effects:
Windows CS3, CS4, & CS5
Macintosh CS3 & CS4 * Mac CS5 Version Coming Soon

Highlights include:

ProAnimator will now use every core on your system to render much faster than before.

Integrated Drawing Window
All 3D objects have to be modeled. 3D modeling is traditionally very difficult but Zaxwerks has made this easy as pie. As you draw, the 3D model is created for you, on the fly. Right before your eyes. As you edit the 2D paths the 3D objects are re-built in real time. Need to add holes? No problem. If you draw one path inside of another path the program knows what to do. Hate Bezier curves? Again no problem. Our exclusive Auto-Curve tool figures out the curves for you.

Live Text Editing
In ProAnimator 5 you can edit the Bezier curves of text characters without having to convert them to paths. This allows you to make texty-type changes (switch justification, change margins, etc) and any edits you’ve made to the curves will be preserved.

Flat text and logos have their place, but nothing makes a client’s logo pop off the screen quite like bending it. ProAnimator 5 can now do exactly that. Warping has been built directly into the time line so you can bend, twist, fold, bulge, taper, wave and ripple your 3D objects as you work on the rest of your project.

Workflow-Based Interface
A simple set of workspace buttons presents the tools and controls you need, when you need them. Panels can be arranged to fit your personal monitor size and your working style. Additionally, hundreds of enhanced Tool Tips explain what every button and control does and how to use it, saving you valuable time and making you an expert, tip by tip.

Materials & Mapping
What good is a really cool model if it isn’t covered with a really cool texture? ProAnimator 5 has added a powerful texture creation system which has over 30 different procedural noises and the best gradient designer on the market to let you create surface treatments so luscious they’ll make your mouth water.

Text Substitution
So you have 100 graphics to do and you’re on a budget? Time to let ProAnimator help you out. Version 5 adds Text Substitution an amazing new feature where you can set up an animation once, then by linking the animation to a spreadsheet of data, get it to render all the variations automatically. No more hand-editing every graphic. An easy way to become extraordinarily productive overnight.

Batch Rendering
Speaking of being productive overnight, ProAnimator 5 now features batch rendering. This lets you create many projects and render them all while you’re away from your desk, one after the other. You no longer have to wait until one rendering is done before you can start the next one. Just queue them up and when you leave for lunch hit the Render Projects button and they’ll all be waiting for you when you come back.

Designed For You
ProAnimator 5 has so many new features we don’t have space to talk about them all. Lathe modeling; 16/32 bit rendering; Animatable Parenting; Animatable Grouping; User-Drawn Bevels and support for Open Type fonts are just a few of the huge set of new features. But at the heart of it all is a workflow design that is like no other.

This program was designed by designers. Folks who want to get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible, and want tools that can help them advance to the next levels of their craft. This program is a masterpiece of workflow. It works quickly, efficiently, with a low learning curve and an amazing ability to let you re-use previous work and to respond to client changes without losing precious time.

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