Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update: Silhouette v4.0.5 Update Now Available; New Nuke 6.2 Exporter

silhouetteSilhouette v4 breaks new ground and greatly raises the bar in the post-production tools industry. Leading a list of major improvements and innovations is an entirely stereoscopic workflow.

All capabilities of Silhouette including its award winning roto and paint as well as its keying, Power Matte, effects and compositing features are stereo enabled.

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New in Version v4.0.5: New Nuke 6.2 Exporter- A new Nuke 6.2 exporter is available with lots of new features. Shape keyframes are no longer baked. Both Bezier and B-Splines are directly exported, while X-Splines are converted to Bezier’s during the export process. In addition, many other shape and layer attributes are exported.

Silhouette Attributes that Transfer to Nuke:

• Work Range Start
• Work Range End
• Session Frame Offset Node
• Blur
• Motion Blur Layer
• Motion Blur Shape
• Opacity
• Blend Mode
• Invert
• Motion Blur
• Outline Color
• Shape Blur (if outside)

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