Friday, January 14, 2011

Tutorials: Lip Sync in After Effects (via Rich Young /AEtuts+)

Rich Young at AEtuts+ posted this great list/resource of lip synching in After Effects, a question we get quite often.

"Angie Taylor posted Lip Sync in After Effects, teaching a task that most animators will be asked to do at some point in their career. The technique in this video (from Adobe After Effects CS5: Learn by Video) automates the process and uses only built-in features of After Effects CS5 (AE 10.0.1). Tutorial files and a text-based version of the tutorial (from AE 5.5) are available if you want to follow along with older versions.

But wait there’s more…

Here’s some recent lip sync video tutorials for After Effects; they’re very similar in using time remapping, basic expressions or converting audio to keyframes, etc. instead of Reshape, CC Split, or other effects:
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