Tuesday, January 04, 2011

News/PR: New Boris Continuum Units for Sony Vegas Pro 10

bcc sony vegasNew Boris Continuum Units for Sony Vegas Pro 10: Choose Toolsets from the Award-Winning Boris Continuum Complete Plug-In Suite

The following plug-ins are immediately available for Vegas Pro 10:

Boris Continuum UpRez Unit

Get the most out of your SD footage and cameras! The Boris Continuum UpRez Unit converts SD footage to higher-resolution HD formats. UpRez plugs into your video editing or compositing software and becomes a natural extension of the host application interface. The UpRez filter's sophisticated image sampling and edge detection techniques produce a final result that cannot be achieved with the scaling tool in your host application. Every clip is different, both in terms of image quality and content, so just scaling-up the image doesn't take into account variations in light, noise, and graininess. The UpRez filter reads the media clip and analyzes the size of the clip as well as all of the fine variations. Then, using its sophisticated processing algorithm, UpRez transforms, smooths, and sharpens the clip to the desired HD resolution.

Boris Continuum Motion Tracker Unit

The Continuum Motion Tracker Unit includes four powerful, specialized filters that enable you to recover motion data from a clip - without resorting to a separate application - and then use the data in several different ways. BCC Corner Pin allows you to map media to a specific area on a moving object in a media file. BCC Match Move locks the movement of one image clip to another image clip. BCC Wire Remover removes wires and unwanted objects from still or moving images by either cloning or blending pixels together from surrounding areas. BCC Witness Protection allows you to track the motion of an object in a media file.

Boris Continuum Pan and Zoom Unit

The Boris Continuum Pan and Zoom Unit makes easy work of documentary-style Pan and Zoom techniques made popular by Ken Burns. The filter includes a convenient setup mode offering on-screen controls for the size and position of the zoom region along with the anchor point and a preview area that shows a rendering of the final result. Both manual keyframing and automated workflows are supported. The Pan and Zoom Unit offers advanced image sampling with edge detection for smooth animation and highest-quality image detail.

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All Boris Continuum Units are included with Boris Continuum Complete Version 7.

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