Saturday, January 29, 2011

News: Interview: Studio Daily Q+A: Robert Sharp on Digieffects' Next Steps

Posted January 27, 2011 by Beth Marchant at Studio Daily

robert sharp digieffects"Robert Sharp, who started out making plug-ins for Macromedia Director and was an early developer of Media Cleaner Pro, is now CEO of Digieffects, which he acquired in 2007. Brother of Colin and Jason Sharp, who run ToolFarm (founded by Sharp in 1999), he knows a thing or two about digital video plug-ins. We asked him to tell us more about Digieffects' recent releases and where his company's tools are headed.

studiodaily: You introduced a number of new and upgraded plug-in packages in 2010, which seems to have been a banner year for the company.

RS: We've had a really great year. After the plug-in market stalled in 2008/2009, it's really come roaring back, like most everything else. Most of the plug-in guys I know are doing extraordinarily well. One huge macro reason for that is Adobe sold about 20 percent more copies of CS5 than it did of CS4. So just from those organic reasons, we're going to benefit right there. Apple's been a little quiet on the Final Cut front—and I would hope that the next version will be 64-bit—but the Adobe ecosystem, especially with After Effects, has become so strong for us. We're also seeing a lot more business from Premiere Pro customers." Check out the full interview at Studio Daily.

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