Monday, January 03, 2011

News: Digieffects Buena Depth Cue Makes ProVideo Coalition's Top "Must Owns" of 2010

ProVideo Coalition's Ten Editing “Must Own’s” of 2010: If you’re an editor, here’s the second of ten products that you NEED to have! Digieffect's Buena Depth Cue:

buena depth cue

"Besides my NLE, After Effects is my next ESSENTIAL tool to getting my job done. On many days, I spend more time in After Effects than I do in Final Cut Pro or Media Composer. That being said, there are a thousand things I love about AE, but there are a few annoying things that really hamper my work flow, and most of them revolve around 3D. Lighting, for example, is nice, but it doesn’t work the way it does in a 3D application (or the real world for that matter). Also, trying to set up a scene in 3D space and work with it doesn’t work the way that it should, and to be honest, Adobe has taken the ball as far as they need to, because in most cases, if you want that type of realism, buy a 3D application (one of which is on my list of 10 of ‘10), but Digieffects sees things a little differently. They seem to have found a great niche in creating tools (I won’t call them plug-ins) to “fix” things that don’t work right in After Effects, and Beuna Depth Cue 2 does just that, and more.

Comprised of six plug-ins, BDC2 covers almost everything you could need to do in 3D in After Effects, minus extrusion (or Global Illumination, but I’m holding my breath for that one!)."

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Buena Depth Cue Marketing Video from digieffects on Vimeo.

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