Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adobe Live Event: Setting Up a Workstation: Optimizing Performance for Production Premium

adobePosted today by John Nack on his "John Nack on Adobe" blog:

"If you’re doing video editing and/or effects and want to set up the optimal workstation, check out this Friday’s live presentation/Q&A session (12-1pm Pacific time):

This session will show you how to configure After Effects, Premiere Pro, your computer, and your projects so that working and rendering take as little time as possible. Topics covered include memory and multiprocessing settings in After Effects, CUDA processing in Adobe Premiere Pro, OpenGL processing in After Effects, background rendering, and dozens of little tips to make things faster."


* Al Mooney – product manager for Adobe Premiere Pro
* Paul Young – software engineering manager for Adobe Premiere Pro
* Chris Prosser – software engineering manager for After Effects
* Todd Kopriva – technical support lead for Adobe professional video products

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