Friday, December 31, 2010

Tutorials: The Massive End of 2010 Aetuts+ Tutorial Roundup

Posted by Topher Welsh at Aetuts+:

"It has been an amazing past year, we have seen some real genius come from the writers here on Aetuts+, and well… it’s been a great 2010. As we enter into a new year, I am going to be stepping back a little bit from my role as weekly roundup man, and instead just contribute from time to time when something merits a little “rounding up” :) I have loved writing for you guys every week, but with the new addition to my family, and life taking me by the armpits, 2011 is looking to be a bigger adventure than I could have imagined. I wish you all an amazing New Year, and I will see you around Aetuts+! In the meantime, enjoy the 90 top tutorials from the past year to recap on some of the goodness you may remember, and some you might have missed."

Check out this great roundup of tutorials on Aetuts+: Adobe After Effects CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts, Who’s Who in the World of Design Studios and VFX Shops, Maya into After Effects Workflow, Enhance Your Images With HolOS, and more.

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