Thursday, December 23, 2010

Freebie: YY_ShockRing Plug-in for After Effects Generates a ring as a texture for shockwaves

Posted to by Andrew Yang

This plugin generates a ring as a texture for shockwaves, etc for visual effects. It has enough options to be fairly flexible, but not so much as to be overbearing.

Download the Free Plug-in at

Options are:

  • Center: Center point for the ring
  • Radius: Radius of the ring
  • Feather: Softness of the ring’s outer edge
  • Expansion: Thickness of the ring
  • Opacity: Opacity of the ring
  • Color 1: Color near the outside
  • Color 2: Color near the inside
  • Smooth: Smooth interpolation (as opposed to linear)

Render Mode:

  • None: Render on transparent
  • Normal: Render on background
  • Add: Additive blending on background
  • (Stencil) Multiply: Reveals the background, kind of like stencil alpha
  • (Stencil) Multiply+Alpha: Same as above, but on transparent


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