Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Beta: The Foundry Releases Beta of STORM, Free to use until March 1st, 2011


"STORM assists RED Digital Camera workflows. It's quick and easy to navigate allowing producers, directors and editors to view takes in high resolution without interruption or delay.

We’re taking the unusual step of making the STORM beta publically available because we want to get feedback from the widest audience possible. We want to know how STORM fares in different production environments and to hear your views.

So...try it, break it , tell us what's missing and help us build a great product.

Learn More/Download the Beta of The Foundry STORM.

NB: This is a beta release and, therefore, not perfect. Please be cautious and don't rely upon it in production.

STORM is available for download here and is FREE to use until the 1st March 2011. STORM requires a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro or iMac with at least 2GB RAM running Snow Leopard. If a RED ROCKET card is fitted, STORM will use it to speed up processing of R3D material."

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