Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Product: CHV The Enhanced Essentials-Collection V1.0

chv essentialsThe Enhanced Essentials-collection contains 40 of Final Cut Pro's most valuable every-day video filter plugins that were completely redeveloped and greatly enhanced in quality, render speed and functionality.

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chv essentialsPerfect Borders This feature is included in many of the Enhanced Essentials-collection plugins. Final Cut Pro's and Final Cut Express's counterparts give you edgy borders. The Enhanced Essentials-collection plugins will always render perfectly antialiased smooth borders.

chv essentialsCut black borders Black video borders are annoying and need to be cut. This is why all plugins of the Enhanced Essentials-collection that profit from a border cutting feature include a prefect border cutting solution.

More Points The Enhanced Essentials-collection also includes a 12 pt and a 16pt garbage matte.

Better Previews More info in the viewer window means to have more control over a certain function. In the canvas some plugins will show you more than Final Cut Pro's original plugins.

More Options you to do more things in one simple step. Many of the plugins of the Enhanced Essentials-collection include very useful options and new features.

Higher Limits ...simply gives you better results. More steps, more precise parameters, wider angles, greater ranges.

The Enhanced Essentials-collection does not limit you in your productivity.

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