Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New: Digieffects FreeForm Enhancement Packs: The Mylenium Edition

We've added 16 gorgeous new presets to our store for FreeForm AE known as Digieffects FreeForm Enhancement Packs: The Mylenium Edition. If you own Adobe After Effects CS5, you already have FreeForm. With CS4 you can purchase it separately.

What is FreeForm AE? True 3D distortions right inside of After Effects. This is not your father's mesh warp. Anyone who has tried to distort an image using AE's 2D Mesh Warp has probably given up or settled for an inferior result. Most mesh warps don't have refined enough controls to get an accurate result. FreeForm has two features that give you refined control over the mesh, allowing you to create complicated distortions easily in true 3D space.

Here's a sample of the power of the presets:

Check the store page for more examples and tutorials.

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