Monday, October 04, 2010

New Product: LME 100 High Tech Gizmos/ 270 Elements for After Effects

LMEThe elements in this collection will add a high tech, cutting edge flavor to your project. For promos, video, photo and art display, commercials, program ID and more.

LME 100 High Tech Gizmos/ 270 Elements for After Effects is a bonanza of high tech devices that can be used in a variety of projects. Our Gizmos are just a way of showing you what can be done. Take them apart, mix and match elements and you have 100's of possible configurations at your disposal.

Some of the category of elements include: working dials, futuristic shapes, borders, and devices, grids, kinetic measurement devices, futuristic textures, odd shapes, symbols and icons, text in many moving and static configurations, wave forms, tumbling 3D shapes, body parts & x-rays, moving and static arrows, circular elements kinetic and static, moving and static bars, circuit boards, cross hairs, moving dashes, kinetic data circles, ariel surveillance photos starting from a continental view and zooming into street level: New York, Tokyo and suburbia USA.

(For After Effects CS3 or higher for Mac and Win. Premier Pro for Windows. No additional plug-ins needed)

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