Monday, October 11, 2010

Beta: Telestream Pipeline for Mac OS X v2.5 BETA

Telestream Pipeline for Mac OS X v2.5 BETA is now available on the web.

This builds contains the following new features, fixes and improvements:
  • New - Adds selection for DVCPro50 and Apple Pro Res LT/Proxy video codecs
  • Requires a Pipeline HD Dual with F/W 2.4.64349 or later
  • New - Adds name token selector which allows for easier custom file naming
  • New - Adds capture frame offset preference allowing adjustment for VTR or routing latency
  • Fixed - issue with capturing DNxHD 36Mbit Avid AAF+MXF files
  • Fixed - issue with spaces in path for Avid AAF+MXF files
  • Fixed - issue with Drop Frame vs. Non-Drop Frame file creation with Avid AAF+MXF files
  • Fixed - issue where saved documents do not contain full Pipeline name and IP address
  • Improved - Adds Reel/Tape Name to QuickTime file
  • Improved - Now allows for 16 channels of audio with appropriate formats
  • Improved - Trigger document's Time Code break feature; adds frame break threshold adjustment, automatic servo lock detection and more accurate file creation
  • Improved - UI's visual feedback when in capture mode
  • Improved - TIFO wrapper now allows for creation of TIFO version 4 files. Allows for full progress bar support in Episode V6 and other Telestream applications supporting version 4
  • Improved - 'Hinting' of allowable video and audio choices
  • Improved - Adds 'Save All' selection for saving all opened documents at once
  • Improved - Web Service responses have been augmented and unified with Pipeline for Windows V2.5 responses
  • This will require modifications to custom applications utilizing Pipeline Web Service API
  • This is a pre-release beta build and cannot yet be supported directly by our Technical Support staff. To report bugs or problems, make suggestions or comments email them to
Download the Pipeline for Mac OS X v2.5 Beta | Buy Telestream Pipeline

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