Monday, September 13, 2010

Sale: Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE and Final Effects Complete 6 AE for $995!

boris sale
The Most Comprehensive Effects Suite Ever Offered for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro - $1,890 Value. (Continuum Complete for After Effects Alone is $995, so if you were thinking about getting BCC or FEC alone, this is a great deal!)

Boris Continuum Complete 7 AE is the Swiss Army Knife of Visual Effects, giving compositors and editors the most complete and useful plug-in suite ever created. Over 210 plug-in filters include 3-Way Color Grading with built-in keying and masking tools, 3D Objects including Extruded Text and the ability to import and extrude EPS files, image restoration and video noise reduction tools, time-based effects such as Optical Stabilizer, distortion and perspective effects such as UpRez, generators such as Snow, Rain, and Fire, lights such as Glint, Glare, and Glitter, wipe transitions, keys and mattes including Motion Key for automated foreground object removal, colors and blurs, and film, glow, and cartoon effects.

Final Effects Complete 6 AE includes 110 designer effects and transitions ranging from graceful blurs and edges to radical warps and particle generators. The new Version 6 release features support for native After Effects lights, on-screen overlay control widgets for streamlined workflow, audio-driven keyframe generation, and a new Compare Mode feature to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side or live split-screen view. Each Final Effects Complete filter has been re-engineered for 64-bit operating systems. Three all-new transition effects - Super Dissolve, RGB Dissolve, and Rectangular Scale Wipe - are included.

Get All 320+ BCC and FEC Filters for just $995!

Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete filters can be combined to create spectacular effects. Check out this new Boris TV episode to learn how to combine the BCC Glint and FEC Sparkle Edges filters.

BCC 7 AE is regularly $995 and FEC 6 AE is regularly $895. The plug-ins support Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, and CS3 for Mac or Windows. This limited time offer expires on September 27, 2010.

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