Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Update: Red Giant Knoll Light Factory 2.7 Now Available

Great news to light up your summer! We have just released Knoll Light Factory 2.7. This important update includes support for Adobe CS5/64 bit processing along with new tools that make this industry standard plug-in even more amazing.

Created by John Knoll, Photoshop co-creator and Star Wars effects guru, Knoll Light Factory is one of the industry's most popular motion graphics tools. It is most famous for its high-fidelity simulations of light effects called flares, which simulate reflections from a very bright light source as seen through a camera's lens. Knoll Light Factory is Hollywood's go-to tool for adding interest to text or logos or extra pop to FX explosions.

What's New?
  • New Lens Designer for Adobe CS5
  • 10 new custom lenses
  • Knoll 3D Flare to easily create Lens Flares in After Effects 3D space
  • Knoll Unmult for removing black backgrounds and generating mattes
  • Support for Adobe CS5 and native 64-bit operation

Free Update for Knoll Light Factory Pro 2.5 and 2.6 Users

If you own a license of Knoll Light Factory Pro version 2.5 or later, you qualify for a FREE update to Knoll Light Factory 2.7! This is our way of showing you how much we value your business and to thank you for being a loyal and devoted customer.

Read about the advantages of 64-bit vs 32-bit and what operating systems are supported on this 64-bit support web page.

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