Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Press Release/New Product: Pixologic releases ZBrush 4 for Win and Mac

zbrushPixologic, Inc., makers of the award winning ZBrush is pleased to announce the latest release software in the Pixologic line - ZBrush Version 4 for Win and Mac!

ZBrush is the leading 2D/3D digital sculpting application for artists today and is used extensively in the film, game, concept design, toy and collectible industries as well as scientific illustration.

Following the recent exciting presentations and successful unveiling of ZBrush 4 by top industry artists at SIGGRAPH 2010, ZBrush 4 is now available to the public for purchase and download.

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About ZBrush v4/What's New

Pixologic has achieved another breakthrough with the release of ZBrush 4. It sets a new standard for digital art software, changing the way artists create by introducing a brand new suite of sculpting features and expanding on the directions established by the innovations of the existing ZBrush toolset.

Scott Spencer Designer at Weta Workshop says:

"ZBrush 4 leaves me speechless. The breadth of new features and functionality has blown away any notions of what is possible in this program. My mind is still catching up to the possibilities!"

Artists can explore new ways to create sculpture ready meshes with Shadow Box, refine hard surface edges with the new Clip Brushes and manage complex multi-part models with new SubTool features.

With the new Project All features, ZBrush 4 lets you combine multiple SubTools into one and use the new MatchMaker Brush to fit parts perfectly together - the possibilities are endless!

Stay in ZBrush more than ever before!

ZBrush 4 offers the freedom to explore and create; to take art from concept to final production asset without the need to leave the ZBrush environment. The flexible toolset is designed to fit artist and professional needs and the working pipeline.

"ZBrush has become a game changer for those like me, who have continually relied on external modeling programs for things such as hard surface modeling. I can finally see myself generating full character and prop content exclusively in ZBrush and that is a great thing indeed." Trevor 'Lukavi' Hennington - Character Modeler Supervisor

With Version 4, ZBrush users can combine hard surface and organic modeling tools or techniques to create fantastic creatures, superheroes, vehicles, environments and more! With the new Spotlight feature, it becomes even easier to texture and deform any sculpt in edit mode. Spotlight will also allow any or all textures to be manipulated in the ZBrush workspace. Spotlight will adjust the texture, scale, hue, color change, tiling in vertical or horizontal, nudge and much more.

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