Tuesday, August 17, 2010

News: After Effects Seattle & Seattle Mograph and VFX- Two new User Groups in Seattle Area

Topher Welsh, the creator of VisualFXtuts.com has two new fledgling user groups in Seattle and wants to spread the word:

"Whether you are an After Effects artist, 3d, editor, compositor, Nuke, Flame, Motion, Final Cut, or whatever you want to call yourself, we want to see you at our meetings! I have started two new User Groups in Seattle: After Effects Seattle, and Seattle Mograph and VFX. Despite the names, we want all walks of life there! So spread the word!"

"I am very excited to announce the birth of two user group/projects of mine, a long time in the making: After Effects Seattle, and Seattle Mograph and VFX."

After Effects Seattle and Seattle Mograph ad VFX information at VisualFXtuts.com.

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