Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Products: AV3 Software "Get" for Final Cut Pro

"Get" for FCP application and North American English language pack for indexing media with audio content in North American English dialects- Stop thinking Media Asset Management and start thinking search!

AV3 Software's "get" is an exciting new search tool for Final Cut Pro (FCP) users, providing a fast and accurate tool for locating footage based on the spoken dialogue within your content. In addition to searching only Finder-level (file name, creation date etc.) and FCP metadata (column information within a project), Get introduces a powerful set of features that combine a unique spoken-word search with traditional methods of content identification. Once results are found and chosen, they can be quickly sent to FCP for use in the editing process.

Get eliminates much of the time and expense of logging every word (transcribing), saving thousands of productivity dollars on every project. It will even change the way you think about organizing your content. By bypassing manual and often highly error-prone processes, you can concentrate on storytelling, without the need to worry about the more mundane housekeeping tasks associated with a typical editing project.

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AV3's "get" leverages Nexidia's patented phonetic indexing and search process so that all of the rich media in your library can be quickly indexed to make it searchable. This phonetic approach is dictionary-independent, producing the most accurate representation possible of the true spoken content. Even searching non-standard words such as people and place names or product mentions is very intuitive and provides accurate results.

"get" is fast and works at 60 x real-time; equating to indexing an hour of media in 60 seconds!

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