Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Product: Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse v3.0, Now With Adobe CS5 Support

SYNTHETIC APERTURE NOW SHIPPING COLOR FINESSE 3.0 Enhancements Include 64-bit Adobe CS5 and Apple FxPlug Support

color finesseSAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA — August 23, 2010 — Synthetic Aperture announces that Color Finesse 3.0, a new version of their color correction plug-in for Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro, is now available for immediate purchase.

Enhanced Application Support
Version 3.0 adds a 64-bit plug-in to support Adobe’s CS5 64-bit applications, in addition to the 32-bit version. The move to 64-bit addressing significantly reduces the possibility of out-of-memory errors occurring during effects rendering. Tests with real-world projects which could not be rendered in 32-bit mode work flawlessly and speedily with the 64-bit plug-in and applications. Color Finesse 3.0 also adds a native FxPlug-style plug-in to support Apple Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and Motion. By virtue of being an FxPlug, performance is enhanced and pixel format conversions are reduced.

New Features in Color Finesse 3.0 Color Finesse 3.0 adds the following new features:
  • New Auto-Color and Auto-Exposure buttons give one-click access to the starting point for your creative grade.
  • A new Vibrance control gives more refined control over image saturation. The Vibrance control is similar to that found in Adobe Lightroom.
  • New HSL curves let you control image saturation and lightness based on color hue.
  • A new Highlight Recovery tool provides a visually-pleasing way to recover overbright areas of the image which would normally be clipped.
  • Color Finesse can now export its color correction settings as a 3D LUT in a variety of formats, including Autodesk Lustre and Smoke, Academy LUT, Assimilate Scratch, Pogle, Truelight, Cine-tal, and LUTher.
  • The Color Finesse preview displays now automatically adjust to footage pixel aspect ratio, giving you a correctly formatted preview when working with anamorphic footage.
  • The Vectorscope has been enhanced with a zoom capability, making it easier to see detail when white and black balancing.
  • Color Finesse now supports the Tangent Wave control surface, in addition to the company’s own Colorociter surface.
Color Finesse 3.0 is compatible with both Intel- and PowerPC-based Macintosh systems, running Mac OS X 10.5 and later. For Windows users, Color Finesse 3.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista 32/64, and Windows 7 32/64. Color Finesse 3.0 supports Adobe After Effects 7.0 and CS3 through CS5, Premiere Pro CS3 through CS5, Final Cut Pro 6 and 7, and Motion 4.0.

Pricing and Availability
Color Finesse 3.0 is shipping now. The PI plug-in (for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and other compatible applications) is priced at $575. Upgrades from prior versions of Color Finesse are $149.

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse v3.0 Plug-in $575.00 TF: $546.00

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse v3.0 HD+ Standalone $1,995.00 TF: $1,895.00

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse v3.0 Plug-in Upgrade $149.00 TF: $149.00

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse 3.0 LE Upgrade from After Effects 6.5 through CS5 LE Bundle $149.00 TF: $149.00

Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse 3.0 Pl Upgrade from After Effects 6.5 through CS5 LE Bundle $375.00 TF: $375.00

About Synthetic Aperture
Founded in 1995, Synthetic Aperture is a provider of practical tools for digital video, specializing in color correction and measurement. Synthetic Aperture publishes the Color Finesse advanced color corrector as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro; Echo Fire video previewing software for Adobe After Effects and Photoshop; the Test Gear test instrument plug-in for After Effects; and the popular free utility Test Pattern Maker. More information may be found on
the company’s web site, www.synthetic-ap.com.

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