Tuesday, August 03, 2010

New Product: Monsters GT for After Effects on Mac Now Available

genarts sapphireBoth the Mac and Windows versions of Monsters GT for After Effects is now available.

CS5 compatible, Monsters GT enables the ultimate in originality, featuring more than 50 distinctive effects at an affordable price. Monsters GT and Sapphire for After Effects can also be purchased together at a special price.

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Be inspired by GenArts Monsters GT for After Effects
One-of-a-kind effects for ultimate creativity
Monsters GT is the ideal suite of plug-ins to set any post-production house apart from its competitors with dazzling stylize, particle, warp and distort effects never before offered in After Effects.

Solid Performance
Monsters GT delivers full GPU and full floating point support to maximize performance and image quality.

Special Monsters GT & Sapphire 5 Bundle Pricing
Sapphire and Monsters contain all of the vfx plug-ins you need from must-have effects like glows and blurs, to unique tools like smoke and trails. We are offering the following special pricing options:

Monster GT for After Effects: $999
Monsters GT with Sapphire 5 AE Full: $2299
Monsters GT with Sapphire 5 AE Upgrade: $999 (free Sapphire upgrade)
Sapphire v1 OR v2 upgrades to Sapphire 5 AE: $299

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