Friday, August 27, 2010

New: New Wedding-Themed Looks for Magic Bullet Looks, PhotoLooks, or Quick Looks!

guru weddings Expand your Red Giant products with presets designed by our experts and your peers. Our Guru Presets give you quick access to pre-designed templates and effects presets that work with our plug-ins. These presets and templates are ready to go as-is, but can also be easily modified to fit almost any project. Also, be sure to check out Red Giant People -- a growing community where you can exchange ideas in a dynamic creative environment.

Simon Walker's Weddings & Events for Looks
: $69.00 TF: $65.00

30 Presets to Make Timeless Memories. Works with Magic Bullet Looks, PhotoLooks or Quick Looks. Great for wedding and event photography or videography.

Simon Walker's Weddings & Events from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

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