Monday, July 26, 2010

New Product/PR: GenArts Sapphire 5 for Nuke/OFX Now Available

genarts sapphireGenArts Sapphire 5TM for Nuke, Fusion, Scratch, Toxik, Baselight, Film Master and Mistika is now available. Using Sapphire 5, you will be able to add breathtaking realism to your composited shots faster than ever before - without trading quality.

"We have far less time to complete our shots, so building all our effects by hand on Nuke using gizmos just takes too long. The availability of Sapphire 5 for Nuke will greatly enhance our pipeline because we can use it for our day-in, day-out effects without sacrificing any quality." Florian Gellinger, Visual Effects Supervisor, Rise VFX

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Comprehensive Suite of Effects

Sapphire 5 is a suite of more than 200 industry-standard visual effects plug-ins, including the world's best Lighting, Adjust, Blur/Sharpen, Composite, Distort, Stylize and Texture tools to add unparalleled realism to any comp.

Greater Creativity

Sapphire 5 delivers full floating point support that provides the highest image quality possible to each Sapphire effect to enable a level of creativity that sets you apart from your competitors.

Enhanced Productivity

Sapphire 5 provides GPU acceleration for lightning-fast render speeds and full interactivity at HD resolutions.

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