Friday, July 02, 2010

New Product: Filter Forge v2 for Photoshop; Create Your Own Filters!

filter forgeExplore the new possibilities offered by the new powerful Filter Forge and take your creativity to the next level! Filter Forge 2.0 features new lighting options and shadows via ambient occlusion, support for scripting and over 40 new components for creating filters, full HDR support that drastically enhances the level of realism, and much more.

filter forgeNew Photorealistic Lighting

  • Point/Area Lights
  • New Lighting Options

  • Unlimited HDR Colors

  • Full HDR Support
  • Color Inspector
  • Free Transforms, Shapes, and Particles
  • Bomber Component
  • Transform Components
  • Polygon and Ellipse Components
  • Free Gradients and Shapes

  • Math and Scripting

  • Lua Scripting
  • RGB Math Components

  • Other Additions
  • Instant Filter Search

  • Download a Free Demo
    and give it a try!

    Filter Forge Basic Edition: Ideal for people who want quick results now. The Basic edition cannot create filters, but you have all 7336 user-created filters at your disposal.

    Filter Forge Standard Edition: Best value for money - you save $149 and get everything except specialist features such as 16- and 32-bit image modes, large resolutions and bump/normal maps.

    Filter Forge Professional Edition: Filter Forge in all its glory - high-precision imagery, ultra-large bitmaps up to 65000x65000 pixels, bump and normal maps, and an unlimited number of CPU cores.

    To make life easier for people with large filter collections, Filter Forge 2.0 introduces an instant filter search that lets you quickly find filters as you type, searching filter names, descriptions, authors and keywords, and displaying the results immediately. No more fuss with the categories – just type what you want and get it in less than a second!

    Median, Minimum, Maximum and Percentile Components

    With these new components, you can now perform minimum, median, maximum and custom-percentile filtering. The Median and Percentile components are especially handy for creating a wide variety of artistic effects, thanks to their ability to simplify the source image by removing small details while preserving the edges.

    Non-Seamless Filters

    Since the beginning, Filter Forge was all about seamless textures. But times are changing – Filter Forge 2.0 is no longer confined to seamlessly-tiled filters. Unrestricted, non-tiled textures and effects are now first-class citizens of Filter Forge. Support for non-seamless filters enables long-requested features: unrestricted transforms (Scale, Rotate, Offset, Flip and Lookup) and non-tiled Free Gradient, Ellipse, Polygon and Rectangle components.

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